Case Management Software

Did you know that Ezymigrate's case management software excels in managing workloads, and employee numbers from small law firms to large law firms? Use our powerful workflow system to assign checklists and view case progress graphically. Find time tracking, our client portal, and more functionality to completely organise your systems at Ezymigrate.

Our software enables your legal professionals to continually update your data storage with client information, which can be sourced rapidly and easily. The Ezymigrate application is easy to use, with reminders for deadlines and required form filling, while helping your immigration law office reduce time spent on task management with automated processes.

With a single all-encompassing system, your client interaction, document management, lead management, financing, and more is coordinated within our software platform.

Immigration Case Management

Immigration case management through Ezymigrate adapts to your law firm, streamlining and automating your documentation and workflow. We maintain our focus on customer service within Ezymigrate, allowing your clientele to view the progress of their case. Additionally, clients are empowered to upload their related documents with immigration forms software, filling out necessary forms and expediting the advisor’s process.

Case Management Software

Ensure your immigration management system is coordinated across different team members and branches when utilising our Processing Person Feature. This function retains client confidentiality and monitors the file’s progress, simplifying your work with our immigration client management software.

How Do I Choose the Right Immigration Case Management Software?

There are numerous immigration software solutions on the market, but we believe our custom tool provides results exceeding that of our competitors, with an extensive assortment of features that help immigration lawyers simplify their workflows.

Additionally, with unparalleled service, we excel at responding to problems and queries, remedying issues and answering questions rapidly to keep your staff functioning.

Get in touch to book a demo of our system to receive a comprehensive illustration of our tools, and the benefits Ezymigrate will immediately roll out for your firm. By seeing the functions of Ezymigrate, you can make an informed decision regarding whether we have the best custom software for your needs.

Our Free Demo

When booking a free demo, we arrange for one of our Ezymigrate experts to meet for a 30-minute virtual meeting at a convenient time for you and your team. During this meeting, you’ll be shown how our immigration practice management software works and how it will specifically benefit your business.

Additionally, during this time, our expert will also answer any questions you might have about our E-immigration software, making certain that we’re the right fit for your needs.

We are happy to help, and this demo will begin a lasting relationship with our team. We service clients throughout New Zealand, helping businesses function efficiently and addressing custom requirements of our systems.

Minimal Manual Effort

Your employees can increase billable time and focus more on client service with automated agreement building, document creation, meeting reminders, and form filling from Ezymigrate. Additionally, you can generate professional invoices and receipts with two-way Xero integration.

Managing clients with complete accuracy and speed is delivered by our system, offering a cloud-based solution that maximises quick payments, reduces routine tasks, and makes it simple to access all relevant information. Document automation streamlines all routine tasks, such as billing management, contact management, and necessary forms for your immigration law firm.

Employers and managers can stay on top of business operations by monitoring employees through Ezymigrate’s legal case management software. We make it easy to see what projects your employees are working on and how they manage their time.


Central Space For Client Data

With our immigration law practice management software, all your client information, communication, and financial systems are bundled into a convenient platform. The secure client portal can store documents, manage cases, and collect digital forms on one platform for an integrated solution.

In addition to the viewing of client data through our software, clients can access their case files with case progress through Ezymigrate and on our mobile device application. As one of our key features, clients are able to upload their documents and fill out necessary forms directly to the Ezymigrate data cloud.

Complete Awareness and Data Sourcing

With our cloud-based legal case management software, processes in the legal industry are simplified and enacted with greater awareness, and you can source information with ease. At Ezymigrate, we provide legal management software in accordance with the standards outlined by the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority (NZ IAA), collecting all required information for clients.

We improve your immigration law firm’s performance in client communication, facilitating the client intake process, receiving legal documents, and offering workflow automation, online payments, and much more.

Privacy and Safety

Complying with all of New Zealand’s online privacy laws, we utilise SSL encryption technology, protecting client data alongside our legal practice management software solutions.

With secure messages and protected client records, you can be confident when you process payments and utilise the best case management software for your legal cases with Ezymigrate.

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