Benefits of Automating Client Onboarding

Onboarding is an extremely important step in any immigration business – perhaps the most important. As anyone in the industry will know, it also takes up a lot of time.

After working in this industry for over seven years, we’re just as aware of this as you are. It was through our experience working closely with consultants like you that we were inspired to automate the entire process.

Our aim was (and always has been) to save time for busy immigration consultants, agents and lawyers. There’s so many steps when it comes to the immigration process, and too much time is spent doing menial, manual tasks. In this day and age, automation is the clear – and only – answer.

So, Why Should You Be Automating Your Client Onboarding?

Hubspot’s service experts listed automated onboarding as one of the best ways companies can upscale their business, and fast. The rate of upscaling that automation now offers was unimaginable in the past, Hubspot writes.

Research showed that a whopping 63% of customers take company onboarding into account when purchasing, and 90% of people think companies could improve their onboarding process.

In an immigration business, the client onboarding process involves:

● Client assessment

● Generating their contract

● Generation of service agreement

● Obtaining client signature

● And finally, sending the invoice and getting paid

At Ezymigrate, we’ve automated this client onboarding process perfectly. You can assess your clients by sending or sharing a custom made, digital assessment form. 

Once you have collected the information, the system will generate a customised agreement for that particular client. The client data has already been collected, so the system will use that data to fill up the agreement automatically.

The client can then easily sign the agreement using the digital Ezymigrate tools.

Once the client has signed the agreement, you can then generate an invoice through the system to generate the first payment.

All this time, each step can be achieved without any manual data entry on your part. The entire process is automated. It really is as easy as that!

Best Benefits of Automatic Client Onboarding:

Stop using multiple tools

● Forget about jumping between various tools to complete each task

● Instead of relying on Doco Sign, Adobe PDF, PDF fillers – do everything on one system

Assess clients digitally

● Send a system generated, customised assessment form for your client to fill

● Gather data seamlessly and without manual data work

● Avoid risk of human error

Obtain client agreement in seconds

● An agreement form is created automatically, based on client info

● Agreement form is sent to client directly via system

● Client can sign and agree digitally, without the endless paper trail

Get paid quicker

● Invoices are generated instantaneously and digitally

● Payment is easier, faster and more streamlined

Avoid manual data entry completely

● Save hours and hours of tedious, back and forth emails and paperwork

● Spend your precious time on more engaging tasks!

Achieve all this and more at Ezymigrate

Start onboarding your clients today – onboarding automation is just one of the innovative features we offer. 
Learn here about how we’ve digitized the entire immigration business; saving consultants like you time and money for nearly a decade.