About the Founder


Can you describe yourself in a few words?

I’m a rebel, a free spirit, with unstoppable exuberant energy. Rules and I cannot co-exist. I’m always most courageous when it comes to rejecting things that life has ever tried to impose on me. I’ve always defeated the status quo and fought discreetly.

I love mountains, valleys and jungles. I love to study nature, its evolution and its relation with our spirit. Sharing meals and hospitality is part of my tradition. Horses are my favourite creature. Their heroism, nobility, resilience and triumph inspires me.

I was not born very lucky but learnt to make good luck my best friend. The scar of my soul now shines through in my confidence. I’m a freedom fighter for authentic empowerment. I’m not afraid of honouring myself for the purpose of offering my gifts, talents and strengths to others. I attain what I set myself to. Service is in my blood. I do what I love and I love what I do. My goal is not to make money, money is just a byproduct of what I do. I work to find real issues and their solutions, sometimes through unconventional ways if necessary. I’m a woman of consequence!


Ezymigrate… What inspired you to build Ezymigrate?

As an immigrant myself, I’ve witnessed first-hand how tedious an immigration consultant’s work process can be. I remember how difficult it was to handle delays in providing documents and ensure that my lawyer understood my case. It required multiple trips to their office and dealing with different team members each time.

I still remember walking into their office – paperwork everywhere, forms being filled out by hand, huge stacks of legal folders locked in a dark room. On one occasion, the receptionist took 30 minutes to locate my folder from a dungeon-like storage room. The entire process seemed very inefficient, complicated and far too slow.

I saw a huge market gap that needed to be filled. I planned to help immigration consultants run their practices more efficiently by using the latest tools and technology.

Ezymigrate was meant to help immigration advisors manage their client files more efficiently while letting teams across different locations connect on a single platform. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction. That’s why, every time a new team joins us, we incorporate their suggestions to ensure that our tool meets their unique requirements.

Did you face any challenges being a woman in the tech industry?

I am a south asian, an immigrant, woman and a mother. I think this combination simultaneously opened multiple fronts for me to tackle at the same time.

A South Asian woman is generally coming from many disadvantages. Her identity and self image is often distorted. They often lack financial and emotional empowerment which affects the choices they make in their life. In my case, I was coming from an influential family background, where girls are encouraged to study and make a career. But despite that I had to face tremendous pressures at every stage to make my own life.

I think running a business by itself is not easy for any woman with kids. In the beginning I was solely responsible for most of the Ezymigrate affairs. The first two years were the toughest, and required me to play multiple roles at the same time. Simultaneously I’m a dedicated mother taking upon major responsibility for raising two happy, kind and confident children. In fact I believe my number one obligation is to help them become responsible individuals. That requires a lot of focus. Having a startup and risking all that you have and being mindful of your duties sometimes seems like nothing less than surmounting Mt. Everest. Yes, sometimes it leaves me with guilt for my divided attention, but then I make up for it as well. As a strong, empowered and focused mother, I see an opportunity to teach my children to live a principal based, purposeful life. I hope one day looking back, they will realise my struggle, resilience and achievement.

The process of immigration is itself crushing for your soul, It is devastating for your sense of identity and belongingness. It took its toll on me as well but having this awareness helped me find my center and thrive in New Zealand as an immigrant. In fact I’m more me, as a New Zealander then I was ever before.

What are your goals for the future of the business?

Ezymigrate has been an important part of my life’s journey. I aim to turn it into a world-leading immigration system. I believe in giving my absolute best to everything I do, which is why I will keep improving it as long as I can.

In my view, greatness lies in genuine service. That’s why I aim to continue devoting myself to serving the immigration industry wholeheartedly. I expect nothing less of myself.

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