E-Immigration Software

With our Ezymigrate Immigration CRM tools, you can enhance productivity with a one-stop system. Select our E-immigration Software for total coordination!

Manage every feature of your cases with our easy-to-use CRM. The comprehensive case tracking management with Ezymigrate makes every second count, ensuring your practice runs effectively and efficiently.

As an employer, Ezymigrate is an effective practice management solution, helping you manage the workload of your immigration lawyers and source information and documents from our cloud-based system.

With impressive functionality and user-friendly web-based software, you can precisely determine all details of your clients and their required documentation, fulfilling the process steps of your cases.

Ezymigrate Immigration CRM

Our Ezymigrate Immigration CRM supplements the manual systems and process management configuration of traditional immigration law firms. We empower our immigration software with automation capabilities, making your work more efficient.

Automation for immigration lawyers helps send all relevant information into storage on Ezymigrate, helping your team gain and access client details. Additionally, it allows you to automatically build agreements, generate invoices and receipts, fill in client information into forms, and keep all parties involved with automated messages.

What Is the Purpose of Software for Immigration Case Management?

Using Ezymigrate’s immigration software will aid your immigration lawyers in client management, streamlining administrative work and improving overall efficiency. It is a practice management solution built to handle the extensive forms and unique client interactions encountered during New Zealand immigration case management. Give your law firm immigration software they actually want to use with Ezymigrate.

Our highly customizable case management software allows your advisers to automate regular systems, and enact priority times tracking, e-filing, reports management, questionnaire tracking, and more. Using Ezymigrate will allow your immigration law firm to maintain a complete schedule for immigration documents.

Enable case management for immigration attorneys and keep on top of managing your practice by partnering with our New Zealand-owned and operated software company.

Simple To Use

The Ezymigrate systems are simple to use, with straightforward videos demonstrating how to navigate each function. Additionally, we house a great customer service support team to answer queries and simplify the entire process.

With automation and comprehensive functionality, we streamline the contact management process for your business. Your law firm may have used paper-based systems and spreadsheets for immigration case management for over a decade. So, we are here to help you transition into our smart system.

Empower your client management for immigration cases, automatically generate invoices and aid in the complete application process through our immigration forms software. We have a friendly, knowledgeable team who are always available to walk you through our systems.

Document Storage and Management

We make it possible to contain all documentation and information within the secure online Ezymigrate portal. As a result, from case files and case notes to client forms, your practice management software can collect all required information with our Document Checklist System and Ezyform.

Ezyform allows you to extract information from Ezymigrate’s cloud storage and automatically fill out application forms.

You can engage with reports management, collecting and storing all the details you require and offer custom reports of your systems with Ezymigrate. For immigration forms filing and filling, Ezymigrate has the all-inclusive system for your needs.

Sales Boost

Our lead management features offer several processes to gain more customers, using powerful features such as capturing information directly from your site and recording walk-in details. Additionally, staying on top of communications and time tracking can greatly benefit your law firm, helping you interact with clients and minimise wasted time.

Improve your client numbers by claiming our legal case management solutions for your immigration practice.

Mobile Application

The Ezymigrate difference is manifested in excellent user experience, technology, security, and constant innovation. Our new mobile application syncs with the cloud to display a simple client portal for filling files and seeing case progress. We routinely process configuration management of our software, ensuring it will run effectively on various systems with consistent performance.

Through online chat, clients can send through questions that may have required meeting time for your law firm, saving valuable time. Additionally, with a convenient mobile app, clients can see their required documents and case progress wherever they are, benefitting client satisfaction and empowering them to act on their motivation to send through desired information.

Security and Privacy

With our reliable, secure immigration software and secure client portal, built on Microsoft’s Azure platform and hosted on Microsoft’s servers, you can collect client information with confidence in its safety.

We consistently implement additions based on client feedback for the best software possible.