All-In-One Client Management Solution

The Ezymigrate system with the help of Ezyforms helps immigration consultants throughout their client cycle journey.

How We Can Help You


    Ezymigrate’s Potential Client Management System allows you to handle incoming leads with ease.

    Prepare for meetings with potential leads using our web integration functionalities. You’ll be able to set up assessment forms right on your website and capture visitor details right to Ezymigrate.

    Don’t worry about forgetting or missing any vital appointments. Ezymigrate lets you book meetings from within the system and reminds you when they’re happening.

    Save time hunting through storage rooms to find old case files. Keep track of all your consultation notes in one convenient place with Ezymigrate.

    Set up contracts with just a click using Ezymigrate’s Auto Agreement Builder. Is your client in another city? With digital signatures, you can sign the same contract from different locations.
File Processing

    Our Case Management System is excellent for busy offices spread across different locations. Complete your projects in a more organised way and boost your efficiency and productivity.

    Save time waiting for documents to arrive on your office desk with Ezymigrate. Your clients will be able to upload relevant documents directly, getting files moving faster.

    Struggling to prepare invoices? Ezymigrate’s two-way integration with Xero helps you create professional receipts and invoices with the press of a button, so you can focus on what matters.

    Need to refer back to a previous meeting? With our File Note and Activity features, everything’s there when you need it.

    Communicate changes in application status to your clients right within our software. Our Visa Management functionality lets you relay any updates instantly.
Case Submission

    Our Document Checklist System helps you ensure that you’ve got all the right information ready for Immigration. Say hello to higher success rates and faster processing times.

    Users can select documents right from Ezymigrate’s cloud-based drives and upload them directly to online immigration services.

    With Ezyform, you’ll be able to extract information stored in Ezymigrate and use it to automatically fill out visa application forms. Now that’s making technology work for you.
Client Portal

    Our beautiful client portal makes it easy for you to connect directly with your clients.

    Ezymigrate’s Chat feature lets clients communicate directly with you. Don’t worry about waiting for meetings to take their questions when you can reply right in our system.

    Save time sending out routine communications when clients can see for themselves where their case is at. Plus, you’ll be able to relay any updates right through our platform.

    With our exceptional new mobile app, clients will be able to check the status of their case both at home and on the go.

    Clients will be able to upload any information, data or documents right within the client portal. They’ll even be able to fill out forms, saving you valuable admin time.
Mobile Apps

    Our beautiful client portal, Checkmyvisa, will soon be available as a mobile app. It allows your clients to stay connected with you, no matter where they are.

    Your clients will be able to upload information, documents and even fill out forms from within their app. That way, they’ll be able to continue with their applications even if they’re on the go.

    Our apps make communication with clients streamlined. They’ll be able to ask you any questions. Time zones will no longer be an issue.

    Don’t worry about taking time to reply to individual emails asking for updates. Your clients will be able to see how their application’s going directly within our app.
Other Management Systems

    Handle admission and commission records for partner schools, universities, colleges and other tertiary institutions.

    Our special employer dashboard makes managing employer records effortless. Need to communicate specific employer reporting? Ezymigrate makes it possible.

    Standardise your business processes, track how cases are working and make sure your business runs smoothly with our case management system.

Now You Can Fill in all Your

Visa Application Forms Online

Save time by filling in all your visa application forms digitally and then printing them.