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Here at Ezymigrate, we understand that immigration consultants do a tough job. Coordinating, collaborating with and communicating between clients, advisers and teams spread across different geo-locations can be a real challenge.

That’s why we decided it was time to make a change. We went out of our way to develop a powerful, innovative one-stop CRM solution like nothing seen on the market. It helps you stay on top of your cases, boost your productivity and leave your customers more satisfied than ever. When you use Ezymigrate, you’re not just using a great CRM - you’re using the most innovative immigration advisory software there is.

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Improves Productivity by up to 50 Percent


Agent Portal To Transform Your Business?

Ezymigrate Agent Portal lets your sales partner connect with you and manage their leads, client files and commissions very well. You can have multiple sales partners and an agent portal maintain complete confidentiality between their data.


Agent Portal To Transform Your Business?

Ezymigrate Agent Portal lets your sales partner connect with you and manage their leads, client files and commissions very well. You can have multiple sales partners and an agent portal maintain complete confidentiality between their data.


Case Management To Transform Your Business?

Stay updated on client visa applications with our beautiful workflow system. Ezymigrate has created a way to standardize immigration advisers' business.

You will be able to keep up to date on cases with our live progress tracking features.


CRM To Transform Your Business?

Everything you need is on a single unified interface. Ezymigrate CRM is a specialized system that has completely digitized the immigration consultant business.

Complete a client application from start to finish all from one single platform, whilst processing their visa application in a more efficient manner. You will be able to submit all Nz Immigration online applications painlessly and effortlessly!

We have also provided you the ability to take your business on the go with our unique mobile app! Giving you access to everything at your fingertips!


Client Portal To Transform Your Business?

We began development of Ezymigrate following discussions with several immigration advisors. What we quickly understood is the regulatory requirements from the IAA mean generic CRM solutions are just not practical.

This makes the immigration industry in NZ unique, but that doesn’t mean immigration advisors must give up the potential benefits that a well-designed CRM solution can bring.


Check Visas To Transform Your Business?

We’ve Sent Immimgration into the future! With our Check My Visa System, Your clients will be able to stay updated and connected to you throughout the entire process.

Speeding up the process by reducing the time you have to wait for your client to respond or receive important information.

Making life easier for both you and your clients with our client portal. They’ll be able to upload documents, fill out forms and monitor their visa status and chat with you through our check my visa mobile app, without needing to come into your office.

See How We Can Transform Your Business

The Ezymigrate Journey

About the Founder

Helping Take Your Business Into The Future

As an immigrant myself, I’ve seen first-hand just how challenging, frustrating and tedious the work of an immigration advisor can be.

I started developing Ezymigrate in 2014 following discussions with several immigration advisors. Our aim was to create a custom software solution that met regulatory requirements, was efficient and user-friendly and helped improve the work lives of immigration consultants.

My vision was to use the latest tools and technology to innovate an all-new system that would help transform the immigration business. And that’s how Ezymigrate was born.

Our dedication to customer service is why we keep working to make our CRM solution the best immigration advisors can get. It’s built with ♥ for immigration consultants, by immigrants. That’s the Ezymigrate difference.

“I thrive when challenged and love using technological solutions to uplift the human experience.”

Anna Hyatt

10 Reasons to Choose Ezymigrate

Discover the difference our custom CRM solution can offer your business.
Instant visa form completion

No more tediously filling out forms by hand. Our innovative, one-of-a-kind software Ezyform automatically populates online visa forms using your clients’ data.

Built customised for immigration advisors

Ezymigrate was built specifically for the immigration advisory industry. That means it’s perfectly equipped to meet your business’ needs.

Communicate more effectively

Send SMS messages right from the system and import emails directly from your inbox to clients’ files. All your communications in one convenient place.

Work more efficiently with reminders

Your dashboard keeps you up-to-date on all upcoming deadlines, important dates and cases you need to contact immigration services about.

Streamline invoicing and accounts

With two-way Xero integration, Ezymigrate lets you handle all your invoicing and accounts from one convenient place.

Work collaboratively

Our cloud-based platform allows your agents and clients to upload information directly to the system, no matter where in the world they might be.

Improve customer retention

Ezymigrate features a range of customer relationship management features, including birthday reminders and streamlined communications. That way, you can keep your clients coming back.

Get quick overviews of all client file progress

With visual data representations and a diverse range of reporting features, you’ll be able to stay on top of all your files at a glance.

Global, cloud-based access and unlimited storage

Because Ezymigrate is cloud-based, you can access it anywhere with an internet connection. With unlimited storage, you’ve got everything you need, whenever you need it.

Your client’s data safely secured

Ezymigrate is built on Microsoft’s reliable and highly secure Azure platform and hosted on Microsoft’s servers.

Honorable Tuariki
John Edward Delamere

TDA Immigration

TDA has signed up and started transferring its client database to the EZYMIGRATE client management system. TDA has had its own online Client Management System for several years and it has served us well. However, EZYMIGRATE has taken what we have done to a new level. I strongly recommend that all LIA's should contact Anna Hyatt at EZYMIGRATE for a demonstration. I am confident you will be mightily impressed and will probably be like me and want to sign up immediately.

Sally Forbe

Bay Immigration Ltd

Prior to Ezymigrate, I was doing things the old fashioned way. I looked at a number of CRM systems but none were specific for the NZ immigration advice industry. Ezymigrate has been great; everything is in one place and it definitely saves me a lot of time. The team are so helpful, they are very responsive to my questions and always take on board any suggestions that I have and make changes as appropriate.

Kotaro Mizoguchi

JSK Consulting

Ezymigrate is an ideal solution for the efficient management of customer information, a key requirement for the immigration advisory industry. It stores your customers' information electronically so it can be used for subsequent visa applications. You can access the information from anywhere too. This software also gives you more flexibility in your working practices as it slashes administration costs. It also shortens the time it takes to prepare applications, plus you get notifications of the expiry dates of travel documents and visas. Forms previously had to be completed manually. Ezymigrate's editable forms reduced form-filling time from 2-3 hours per client case to around 15 minutes. Also, I believe you will find the response times from the Ezymigrate support team are quick. You can also give them suggestions and/or requests to improve the system. They respond promptly to your suggestions and add new updates to the system to meet your needs.

Inderpal Singh

Professional Visas

We were introduced to Ezy Migrate early in 2016 and choosing to change to this software has proved to be the right decision. The software streamlined all the different client management systems we were previously using and has made finding client information much easier and quicker. The processes for invoicing, issuing receipts, and collecting monies owed used to take hours. But now it takes not more than 10 minutes. The team at Ezy Migrate have been fantastic from the start and have continued to provide timely assistance with the software whether it has been from implementing our suggestions to fixing bugs. We can't recommend this software enough!

Martin Guich

Collective Consulting

Ezymigrate is an innovative solution for LIAs and lawyers that has helped us in immensely reducing the time that was used to be spent in managing our clients’ data, logging conversations, accounts, reminders and much more, so we can focus more on preparing applications and representations for our clients. I encourage each and every adviser and lawyer to sign up with Ezymigrate and experience its usefulness.

Harshita Dreams

Immigration Services Ltd

The processes required for INZ are lengthy and time consuming and for people who work independently, it can be a tedious task. I always wondered whether there was such software in NZ that would target just New Zealand advisors and Small Business Online Solutions ltd came up with just that. Everything was at one place and it becomes all the more easy to look and search for information. Being able to include invoicing software in it was a bonus. If you have used it once, you will never be able to go any other way of working with your documents and managing your client details. This software is a boom for the Licensed Advisors Industry. I am glad that they have made this work with all their efforts and their continuous support has made this software better and better by the day.
Trusted by great teams
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Start making your Immigration Business more efficient today.

Discover next-generation Visa CRM Software for Immigration Consultants at Ezymigrate. Coordinate effectively and improve your business’s productivity with our Visa Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

At Ezymigrate, we are proud to deliver a comprehensive platform to effectively manage and automate your operations. Our software is ever-evolving, becoming more approachable and simpler to implement, and adapting to Immigration Adviser businesses of all shapes and sizes.The need for immigration advisers to deal with processing and storing information only increases as you extend your clientele and gain more workload. Our CRM software is specifically structured with digital and cloud tools to streamline client management.

Our tools make all information and documentation available in a single unified platform for authenticated people involved.

Looking for an effective Immigration CRM for New Zealand’s unique immigration regulatory requirements?

Visa CRM

Our CRM at Ezymigrate facilitates operations management, collating sources for lead generation and managing additional information.

As the immigration and Visa consultation industry in New Zealand expands with rising migration, the scope and capabilities of case management software must develop comparably.

Our team is motivated by the evolving industry. The powerful and innovative, one-stop CRM solution at Ezymigrate exceeds the capabilities of competing systems on the market.

Our system helps you keep on top of your cases, boosting productivity, and leaving your customers more satisfied than ever before.

When you partner with Ezymigrate, you can be confident that you are utilising the most innovative, adaptable, and comprehensive immigration advisory software possible.

What are the Core Benefits of Ezymigrate?


We support your sales by collecting incoming leads through our Potential Client Management system, while offering web integration for lead capture forms directly from your website. Simplify your agreements with our Auto Agreement Builder and keep track of all consultation notes with our Visa Customer Relationship Management Solution. Take care of potential clients’ files, record data of walk-ins, and keep on top of your communications with Ezymigrate’s Next Generation system.

Streamlined Communication and Monitoring

Save time and money by importing emails from your personal inbox and managing your communication with multiple users and agents. Utilise and track tasks with checklist systems, and monitor the progress of each case from anywhere.

Unified Case Management

The client and case management system is a core development of our tool. This system improves your workflow management, aiding your company through the integration and management of client files in one place. The management of specific information and documents is simplified, where the Ezymigrate assessment forms aid in your immigration services.

Managing Invoicing and Receipting

Grow your business by equipping your staff with our software, enabling you to extend your services to more clients and utilising easily managed invoices and commission reminders. By integrating with XERO, managing invoicing and receipting, and monitoring pending payments and transactions, your immigration services will immediately become more efficient. Smarter invoicing and immediate recording and reporting using our software speeds up all processes and remembers important information.

Comprehensive Features

We take a contemporary approach to Customer Relationship Management, transforming your business through Immigration Forms Software, our client portal, case management system, and CRM solutions on desktop systems and our mobile app.

With everything you need within a single, unified interface, you can find any form or other documents, and communicate with clients effectively. Our services are comprehensive, encompassing all required steps of your operations management to simply make your processes easier. This is exemplified by our document checklist, which helps you ensure you have identified the correct information required by immigration, and Ezyforms, which automatically populates forms with data stored in the Ezymigrate cloud.

Coordinate your processes with our file management, using the cloud to boost your efficiency across your staff. Additionally, clients can upload relevant documents and contact you through Ezymigrate directly, saving time on moving files and letting them take charge. They can see the stage at which their case is at, which is made easier with our exceptional new mobile app, helping you save time you would be spending on routine communications.

Our software extends to other management needs, such as School Management and Employer Management systems.

About Ezymigrate

The vision for Ezymigrate was established when consulting with several immigration advisers in 2013. We found they were seeking an easy-to-use CRM solution, tailor-made for New Zealand’s immigration advisory industry. So, we sat down with them to gain insights into their challenges and processes, learning how we could aid their efficiency in all aspects of their service.

We established our official Ezymigrate Software in October 2015, following our coding work and beta launch, and have consistently updated our processes to meet the needs of the evolving workplace. We are committed to using the latest tools and technology for our software solutions, built with ♥ for immigration agencies, by immigrants; the Ezymigrate difference.

Our Team

Our culture at Ezymigrate celebrates customer-centricity, inclusivity, speed, and execution. The team are all responsible, experienced, and qualified. Applicants partnering with Ezymigrate receive excellent, friendly communication and a commitment to transparency and integrity.

We relish the job; to deliver sales and client management programs that create a meaningful difference for local partners.

Why Your Business Should Adopt Our CRM Software

Regulatory requirements of the NZ IAA cause generic CRMs to lose their practicality. Additionally, as you grow your client base, the process becomes increasingly complicated, from application management to your own visibility of clients’ details. Utilising an intelligent CRM is incredibly beneficial in terms of the simplification and concise management of clients and projects using cloud storage.

You can transfer your routine jobs to our automated software to free up more time for client engagement and maintain a complete knowledge of your processes. Implementation of our software helps you identify data without wasting search time.

Contact Us

We have developed Ezymigrate to ensure NZ IAA compliance and correct workflow processes for local immigration advisors. Our custom CRM solution delivers productivity savings of up to 50 per cent!

With world-class customer support, we are devoted to making your business as efficient as possible. Connect with us today!