3 Time Management
Tips For Immigration


3 Time Management
Tips For Immigration

Running a business as an immigration advisor requires organisation, nurturing customer, and planning, but it is hard to find the time to fit everything into your day in order to grow your business to its full potential. I have seen this first hand while working with professional New Zealand immigration advisors as we developed the Ezymigrate platform.

Anyone working in the field will understand the issues: you deal with a large and often disparate client base. Each client has different requirements, deadlines, and expectations. Some want to speak to you in person, others constantly call you on the phone, while there are a few that you can never seem to get hold of. 

You have to make sure deadlines are not missed, you have to keep accurate client records for the benefit of your business and for the immigration authorities, and you have to send out invoices and chase clients for payment.

All of this usually has to be done before your morning tea break! You also have to do it after your morning tea break, during the afternoon, in the evening, and even at weekends. 

Improving Time Management 

One thing that I have learned about immigration advisors it is that they work hard – you have to work hard in order to make your business profitable. 

Another thing that I have learned is that there is scope in most immigration advisor businesses for improvements in time management. Why is this important? If you can get better at managing your time you will be able to deal with your current clients more efficiently. This will give you more time to look for new clients, grow your business, and make it more profitable.

Here are my three time management tips for your immigration business: 

  1. Organise your tasks – you probably already work with some sort of to-do list system, but you should consider upgrading this to a fully-fledged task management system. It should list your tasks, prioritise them, send you reminders, and seamlessly integrate into your day-to-day work processes.
  2. Keep accurate client records – how much time have you lost in the last month trying to find a record of a conversation with a client, or a telephone number? Even if you are disciplined enough to keep good records it is probably across multiple platforms, i.e. emails to your clients are in your email account, their VISA application details are in a filing cabinet, and their telephone numbers are in your phone. An integrated system will save you huge amounts of time, particularly when it comes to looking for information in the future.
  3. Automate systems and processes – automation is one of the modern keys to success for almost every business, including immigration advisors. You can automate a number of your processes with the right platform including marketing, client communications, and accounts. Automation means the task gets done without your involvement, leaving you free to work on improving your business.

Ezymigrate can help you implement each of these tips, freeing you up from the constraints that are felt by many immigration advisors. As a professional your time is money, and it is time you made more of it.

For any further question please feel free to contact me at [email protected] 

The Paperless Office –
An Immigration Advisor’s

Now for the big question: how do you significantly cut down on the amount of paper that you use? Implementing a CRM in your business is one of the most effective ways of cutting paper. You will see results immediately. Here are three ways that CRM systems reduce the paper that is currently burdening New Zealand’s immigration advisors:

  • Client files – storing client files electronically is much more efficient than either a paper-based filing system or a hybrid system where some of the information is electronic and some is paper. Storing everything electronically is easier, more secure, and records are easier to find. And you’ll use less paper.
  • Task lists and reminders – do you still use a notepad or a diary and a pen to write down task lists and leave notes to remind you of what you need to do? A CRM handles this task list electronically removing the need for paper. It also connects the task to a client file, and automates reminders, further improving efficiencies.
  • Accounts – a tailored CRM system will also allow you to keep all invoices and statements for your client with the client file, rather than printing them. You can even send these documents to your clients electronically, with everything automatically recorded in the file. If you still stuff invoices into envelopes and dispatch them by snail-mail, it is time to make a change.

 Going paperless (or as close to paperless as possible) is a key strategy for immigration advisors who want to improve their productivity. The Ezymigrate CRM can help with this as it has been customised specifically for New Zealand immigration advisors to deliver on each of the three points above. Find out more about it today.

 My name is Anna Hyatt and I’m the director of Ezymigrate. Feel Free to contact me at [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn at https://nz.linkedin.com/in/annahyatt.