New Document Checklist Feature: Keep on Top of Uploaded and Pending Docs in Seconds

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We know that as an immigration consultant, you’re often dealing with multitudes of clients at a time. When it comes to document collection for each and every client, it can be a nightmare to keep track of it all.

Searching through emails, paperwork, and document collection can be a real headache. It’s time-consuming and inefficient.

We’ve worked closely with consultants like yourself for over 7 years; so we know just how challenging document management can be in this industry. To solve this problem, we developed a Document Checklist Reporting Feature, specifically designed to simplify your document management and save you hours of hassle.

So, Why Should You Use Document Checklist Reporting?

Nimbly Technologies identified doc checklist reporting as one of the most effective ways to improve a busy business. The benefits they listed included:

Ease of Access & Improved Processing Times

● Mobility is increased ten-fold with a digital doc checklist. You’ll be able to access and check pending documents from anywhere at any time – via smartphone, PC, from overseas, you name it.

● Applications thus get processed faster, as agents can check documents have been successfully submitted within seconds.

Cost & Time Efficient

● Paper and printing costs are eliminated completely, saving money as well as hassle in the office with stacks of paperwork!

● Hours of time are saved weekly (even daily) printing, filing and searching for the correct paperwork.

Perfect Accuracy

● The risk of human error is eliminated completely with a digital doc checklist. Manual document and data collection holds too much opportunity for mistakes – a digital checklist removes this possibility entirely.

Automatic Reporting

● Real-time reporting means you’ll be updated instantly – as soon as pending documents are submitted. 

Instant Client Follow Up

● You can also contact clients directly from the system for any missing documents. This saves you stress, hassle and mental energy having to constantly follow up and chase clients via endless email threads.

Identify and Target Errors Faster

● You’ll be able to check the status of any pending documents, and automatically receive info of any errors within submitted documents.

Secure and Private Storage

● Cloud-based storage means you don’t have to worry about any documents getting lost, damaged or misplaced. You can rest assured knowing all important data is kept safe, private and secure at all times.

Ecubix agreed that the benefits of digital document checklists are often overlooked, and undervalued. Many consultants simply don’t realise just how much time and money this feature can save you. They’re also highly convenient.

Some of their favourite benefits included:

Increased Collaboration:

● Teamwork becomes easy with the automation of document checking. Files can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and by anybody who requires access. 

Improved Task Allocation & Management:

● Administering tasks becomes instantaneous, with a simple checking of which documents are still pending. 

● Duties can be assigned to team members and accountability is improved due to online visibility of completed tasks.

Enhanced Data Flow:

● Because data is collected automatically and formatted according to the PDF, you don’t need to worry about errors, typos or misinterpretations.

So, How Does Document Checklist Reporting Work?

Our user-friendly reporting feature provides real-time status updates, allowing you to quickly identify any missing documents or issues in each client’s file. Keep aware of which clients have uploaded their documents, and which ones are still pending. 

 Within seconds, you’ll have a comprehensive overview that informs you about the progress of each client’s document processing. No more sifting through piles of paperwork or getting lost in endless email threads. All the proof documents you need for each client case are conveniently organized in one place.

Document Management Made Easy

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of the Document Checklist Reporting feature from Ezymigrate.

Transform your document management process and reclaim valuable time with our innovative solution. Join us in revolutionizing the way you handle document uploads and processing for your clients.

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