About the Team

About Ezymigrate

The idea for Ezymigrate came about in 2013, following consultations with several immigration advisors.

They were looking for an easy-to-use CRM solution tailor-made for the New Zealand immigration advisory industry.

We sat down with them to learn more about their challenges, their business processes and what we could do to make their work more efficient.

We started coding work in January 2014 and, following our beta launch in July of the same year, we officially released Ezymigrate in October 2015. It’s been running strong ever since.

Meet the Fellowship

Anna - Arwen

Chief Amazement Officer

Omar - Aragorn

Master Handshaker

Bill - Gandalf

Wizard of Light-Bulb Moments

Zshan - Gimli

Chief Geek

Ash - Legolas

BD Ninja

Suhail - Pippin Took

Full stack Batman

Maria - Eowyn

Media Master

Sam - Samwise Gamgee

Rockstar Copywriter

TarQ - Merry Brandybuck


Rupert - Frodo Baggins

Crayon Evangelist

Josh - Elrond

Digital Overlord

Freya - Galadriel

Punctuation Prodigy

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