How We Can Transform Your Business


The Ezymigrate Difference

Ezymigrate is an easy-to-use CRM solution custom made to meet all the needs of New Zealand immigration consultants.

We designed our software following detailed meetings with multiple immigration advisors. As a result, this comprehensive, one-stop system has been designed to make file management and visa applications quicker and easier than ever before.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Manage New Leads

    With Web Integration, you can seamlessly link Ezymigrate with your website or social media platform. Capture and store potential lead data directly from assessment forms on your site.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Automatically Build Agreements

    All your consultation notes are easily accessible from our File Notes. Bring up the information you need, or create an agreement with Digital Signature capabilities, allowing you, team members, partners and clients to sign the same contract, no matter how far apart you are.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Ensure Total Coordination

    Hand over cases to different team members or branch offices using our Processing Person Feature while retaining client confidentiality and monitoring the progress of the file.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Make Financing A Breeze

    With two-way Xero integration, Ezymigrate makes invoicing your clients easy. Automatically generate professional invoices and receipts from directly within our software.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Keep Clients Informed

    Ezymigrate’s Visa Management feature and Client Portal allow clients to see progress on their cases, upload related documents and fill out necessary forms.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Communicate Better

    Use our Reminder System to inform clients of upcoming important dates or our MailChimp Integration and Bulk Emails to let all relevant clients know about any policy changes.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Handle Employment Affairs

    Use our dedicated Employer Management System dashboard to manage employer-specific records, documents, file notes, reporting and connect employers to multiple clients in one go.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Meet With New Clients

    Book meetings within the Potential Client Management System and never worry about missing an appointment with automated meeting reminders.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Streamline Case Processes

    With our Case Management System, assigning tasks to specific cases and employees within your organisation is a breeze.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Get The Info You Need

    Collect all the documents and information you require through our Document Checklist System and Ezyform based Further Information Collection digital forms.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Stay Connected With Your Clients

    With Auto-Email Imports, Chat options and a Mobile App, you’ll be able to stay on top of all communications with your clients. Plus, everything is recorded and available when you need it.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Simplify Case Submissions

    Our linked Cloud-Based Drives help you submit relevant documents to Immigration NZ’s online services. With Ezyform, you can also transfer data from Ezymigrate to any digital form.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    With School Management

    Our School Management System and dedicated dashboard allow you to handle admissions, student admission records, commissions records and invoicing of schools and universities.

  • Ezymigrate Helps You,

    Manage Cases WIth Ease

    Ezymigrate’s Case Management System is a workflow system that lets you assign tasks with individual steps to specific team members. That means greater organisation and standardised processes, even if your team is spread across the globe.

Now You Can Fill in all Your

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