How an Immigration Tracker Can Help You Prepare for Your Naturalization Interview

As an immigration consultant or attorney, you’ll know there are several challenges when it comes to helping a client prepare for their naturalization interview.

An agent must adequately prepare their client for the interview, request and organise the necessary documents, manage the time of both yourself and the client, and assist the applicant with studying for the interview by providing relevant study material.

Each case is different, and requires its own unique demands. But there is an easier way to keep on top of all your cases at once – an immigration tracker.

Why Should Consultants Use Immigration Tracking Software?

As someone who’s worked in the industry for more than 7 years, I’ve met thousands of consultants struggling with these exact same issues. It was through my close relationships and communication with people in the industry that I’ve been able to come up with such effective problem solving systems for immigration services.

An immigration tracking software for me has always been the answer. I’ve seen personally how this kind of CRM system can turn around consultancy businesses; reducing workload, stress and wasted time. Based on my experience, using an immigration tracker to prepare for a naturalization interview is an absolute must.

So, What is an Immigration Tracker App?

Immigration trackers are the latest discussion in the industry – but how are they actually being used to help immigration consultants, as well as visa applicants?

Keep Updated on Changes in Immigration Policies Changes

Immigration trackers can be used to check any changes in immigration policies, which are often changing. Regular analytics of ever-changing policies won’t be necessary anymore – the system takes care of this for you.

Stay Up To Date For Each Application Case

Once applications are filed, immigration trackers allow both you and your applicant to stay on top of any changes or further requirements needed. Checking the current status of a case becomes miles easier.

How USCIS & Canadian Govt are Implementing them

Trackers are making global waves in the industry, even on a government level. In particular, Canada and the USCIS have been some of the first governments to utilise them.

While ‘policy tracking’ may sound like something out of the Trump administration, this tool is one of the trump-era policies that are actually useful to immigration cases. 

The Canadian government has begun using them to reduce wait times and improve applicant access to applications. Canadian visa applicants can now use immigration trackers to monitor the progress of their applications and keep on top of any further case actions required. With the USCIS, you can download an immigration tracker app to keep on top of your USCIS case.

So, How Can an Immigration Tracker Make Naturalization Interview Preparation Easier?

Preparing for a naturalization interview can be a trying time, for both the case consultant and the applicant. An immigration tracker will help both of you overcome the main challenges, making it an invaluable tool during each application case. Here are a few common difficulties and the solutions an immigration tracker provides:

1. Lack of knowledge about the interview process: Many applicants may be unfamiliar with the specific requirements, procedures, and types of questions asked during a Naturalization Interview.

Solution: An immigration tracker can provide detailed information about the interview process, including the necessary documents, expected questions, and tips for success. It can offer guidance on what to expect, helping applicants become more familiar and confident.

2. Difficulty in organizing and managing documents: Gathering and organizing the required documents can be overwhelming, especially for those who have accumulated a significant amount of paperwork over the years.

Solution: An immigration tracker can assist in document management by providing a checklist of required documents, tracking their submission, and notifying applicants of any missing or incomplete items. This helps applicants stay organized and ensures they have the necessary paperwork ready for the interview.

3. Inadequate time management: Applicants may struggle with allocating sufficient time to study and prepare for the interview while juggling other commitments.

Solution: An immigration tracker can include a timeline feature that outlines the various stages of the naturalization process and sets reminders for important milestones. This helps applicants manage their time effectively, ensuring they allocate enough time for study and preparation.

4. Lack of access to study materials: It can be challenging to find accurate study materials and resources to prepare for the interview.

Solution: An immigration tracker can provide study materials, practice questions, and resources relevant to the naturalization interview. It can offer interactive quizzes, flashcards, or even video tutorials to help applicants familiarize themselves with the interview content.

5. Difficulty in tracking application status: Applicants may experience anxiety and uncertainty about the progress of their application, not knowing when they will receive an interview notice.

Solution: An immigration tracker can allow applicants to track the progress of their application, providing real-time updates and notifications. This helps applicants stay informed about their case, alleviating stress and enabling them to better plan and prepare for the interview.

Immigration Tracking Software: Ezymigrate’s Answer

Overall, an immigration tracker is an incredibly helpful tool which should not be overlooked, especially when it comes to preparing for a naturalization interview. Not only will it provide you and your client with info on how to pass the interview, but it will also keep you organized and help you stay up-to-date on the status of the application.

An immigration tracker is a must-have – for the benefit of both the consultant and applicant. You don’t want to take any risks when it comes to passing a naturalization interview, and I know from firsthand experience that it’s not an easy process.

Ezymigrate’s immigration tracking software is designed to help you and your client prepare for your naturalization interview – you’ll be amazed at how much easier the process can be. Get in touch or sign up for a free trial today.

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