Visa Management Software

Consider our Visa Management Software at Ezymigrate for Visa processing automation solutions.

Our Visa Management System delivers security and convenience for immigration lawyers, creating a seamless process for document storage, client interaction, and automation.

Streamline your processes with Ezymigrate, which handles many assignments which previously required humans.

Visa Management System

The Ezymigrate project for a Visa management system was established to develop the first client management software aimed specifically at licensed immigration advisers in New Zealand. Revolutionising manual processes of the industry, Ezymigrate improves productivity by up to 50 per cent with automation and user-friendly functionality.

We consistently improve our system and add new features, noting valuable feedback from industry professionals as they use our immigration software. Check My Visa was one of the Visa management features we added in response to input from immigration advisors, which allows your clients to stay involved with their Visa applications, checking their progress without having to speak to you directly.

Check My Visa

Check My Visa saves considerable time for immigration professionals and their clients, functioning to allow clients access to see their file information and visa status, checking whether it is accurate and progressing. Customers can also upload documents, download up-to-date immigration forms, engage in online forum discussions, and send emails to their immigration advisors.

By staying aware and involved, clients feel less stressed and concerned about their Visa processing, while they can assist the advisor and securely manage Visa applications and documents.

Streamline Visa requests and gain total control over your interactions with customers and documentation with Ezymigrate.

What Is a Visa Management System?

Visa management software utilises robotic process automation to enact repetitive work that previously required human intervention. Storing everything related to immigration client files in one simple-to-access location, you can vastly improve operational productivity!

In addition to empowering clients and improving their satisfaction during the process with Check My Visa, modern Visa management is made easier with Ezymigrate’s extensive functions. For note storage, email correspondence, deadlines, Visa application forms, invoices, scanned documents, and more, our web-based system excels in organising your processes through Visa management software.

With centralized management, allowing real-time process visibility, the platform makes every aspect of Visa management more efficient, saving your firm time and money. Additionally, with smart processes, data is sourced by the Ezymigrate software, which means fewer mistakes are made. Our system also sends automatic reminders for meetings and deadlines, using robotic process automation to eliminate the risk of missed targets and errors.

Essential Component of Modern Visa Management

The Visa process can be sped up and made more user-friendly with modern software. Traditional methods; utilising paper-based systems and spreadsheets, force advisors to spend time with menial tasks, which could be better used for customer interaction during the immigration process. Our service-oriented applications, designed for immigration, excel in automating repeatable tasks.

The Ezymigrate cloud-based environment allows for configurable workflows and speedy data and document sourcing. With E-immigration software, you can more rapidly meet the existing needs of your clientele.

Visa management software from Ezymigrate is tailor-made for the industry, making it so much easier to search and find client information, with invoicing software included and more functionality to expedite your processes.

Smarter System

With our robotic process automation, you can speed up all processes, from fee payment and personal data capture to claiming resident permits. Auto-fill client details directly onto Ezymigrate, straight from the online application.

With effective mobile applications, our functions extend further than ever, making your relationship with clients stronger. Respond effectively to customers and issue Visas with ease by partnering with Ezymigrate.

Once you have used Ezymigrate, you’ll never go back to traditional methods!

Designed to Secure Visa Application Approval

With a full suite of benefits, Ezymigrate is designed to secure the approval of e-Visas and simplify file management. Ezymigrate is an easy-to-use CRM solution, custom-made to meet all the needs of New Zealand immigration consultants.

Manage new leads, automatically build agreements, and coordinate your processes with client communication and easy financing. We help you find the information you need and easily manage case processes, staying connected with customers and simplifying case submissions with Ezyform.

Easy Maintenance

Increase operational efficiency to handle a high volume of clients within the single platform of Ezymigrate. We are committed to offering fast, attentive maintenance services when you get in touch with our team. Your feedback is vital to Ezymigrate, where we consistently use the needs of our clientele to improve our systems.

We are here to help when you require manual intervention to support issues with Ezymigrate. Your needs for the software act to supplement our service, adding to the range of processes and features available to all immigration advisors using Ezymigrate.