Immigration Software

Need user-friendly software for Immigration Law? At Ezymigrate, our immigration software is built specifically for the immigration advisory industry.

We consistently update our tools to make your processes as flexible and streamlined as possible. Our team created our system as an all-in-one client management solution, helping immigration consultants throughout the client cycle.

Book a demo today to learn more about how our systems can aid your business. We believe in the positive change our client management software can implement, saving you time and money on routine tasks with automation and excellent communication delivered through cloud-based solutions.

Software for Immigration Law

Our development began with a tailored focus on greater flexibility, filling our software for immigration law with leading tools to simplify customer relationship management. We identified the challenges encountered by immigration consultants, examining the daily coordination of multiple tasks, collaboration with employees and clients, and the common arrangement of advisers and teams separated across different geo-locations.

The Ezymigrate case management software is a powerful CRM solution that benefits client satisfaction and makes your own processes easier. Being the most innovative immigration advisory software available in New Zealand, your productivity will increase dramatically after you’ve implemented our transformative tool.

What Is the Purpose of Immigration Software?

Immigration software coordinates a broad array of tasks, streamlining your immigration law practice with user-friendly functionality. Our software equips users with the tools to fill out and receive the data from forms rapidly, with automated, customisable templates. Additionally, with all relevant data recorded on our cloud-based system, we make accessing and sharing documentation simpler than ever.

Using our virtual software can act as a company-wide assistant, ensuring you are in control of all the details and deadlines, while improving your awareness as an employer. Efficiently handle administrative tasks and empower your organisation with Ezymigrate.

Form Filling Made Easy

Immigration forms software will help your immigration lawyers extract all necessary information for specific clients with ease. From small law firms and mid-sized law firms, to large organisations, Ezymigrate can effectively save time and organise information in an intuitive fashion.

Simplify case management for immigration attorneys in your law firm with our smart questionnaires and questionnaire tracking, which collects data and organises it appropriately. The automation of our forms is an important element of our management software, with e-filing storing immigration documents by each case type.

Ezyform enables you to extract information and use it for automatic Visa application form filling, helping our best software speed up your processes. Additionally, clients will be able to upload their information, documents, and data within their client portal, filling out their forms to reduce your admin time.

Simplified, User-Friendly Payment Process

Our platform supplements your entire process of case management, from contact management to payment plans. It takes minimal time to create and send through a professional, attractively designed invoice or customer receipt for any amount.

The Ezymigrate flexible accounting system allows for single invoices or gradual receipts as you complete service stages.

Easy Client Communication

Our immigration software facilitates client communication, where you can receive and respond to questions directly within the Ezymigrate chat system. The convenient client portal makes connecting directly with clients a straightforward experience. You can reply swiftly and work on your several processes with any given client while remaining within the system.

Case notes, case tracking, and more information is located conveniently, which can be accessed before getting in touch with the client.

Additionally, clients can see for themselves at which stage their case is at, with our mobile application improving the ease with which your customers can interact with their secure client portal.

Through innovation and simplicity, empower your immigration cases.

Simplified Intake

Begin collecting details about new clients with our software, where automation can claim client information provided on your website and directly send it through to Ezymigrate, rapidly informing your immigration practice of new leads. Additionally, access, automatically fill, and upload documents using customer information stored in the Ezymigrate cloud, where you can manage all the needs of your clients with efficient reporting.

Secure Document Management

We maintain a secure client portal, configuration management, and case management system for your immigration practice. Our Ezymigrate immigration software is very secure, with client data held at an enterprise-level Microsoft data centre, running backups at 10-minute periods. As a result, Microsoft is responsible for 80% of our security.

As a New Zealand-based company, we act in compliance with all of New Zealand’s online privacy laws for our immigration software, while we utilise SSL encryption technology which protects user data when it’s on the way from the user device to Microsoft’s data centre.