Immigration Tracker

Looking for reliable Immigration Tracker software in NZ? Our Ezymigrate tracking solution updates Visa Application Tracking Status to streamline case management. From solo practitioners to established immigration law firms, Ezymigrate is an ideal industry-leading digital platform.

The Ezymigrate software solution facilitates interdepartmental collaboration and presents intelligent monitoring of client timelines with automated reminders, customised workflows, and reporting tools. Boost the efficiency of your team with our case assembly solution.

Advance your client recruitment with fully customisable intake questionnaires and improve their satisfaction with the user-friendly Ezymigrate client portal and case tracking systems.

Visa Application Tracking Status

By supplementing the features you can offer clients; adding Visa Application Tracking Status functionality, you can enhance customer satisfaction and help your employees speed up their services. Our E-immigration software has a built-in understanding of New Zealand immigration policies, finding automated solutions that help advance each case effectively.

Developed in response to input and feedback from New Zealand immigration attorneys, Ezymigrate’s software offers a web-based application to automate routine processes that historically have been a time-consuming feature of the profession.

What Is the Ezymigrate Immigration Tracker?

Our immigration tracker improves the quality of your business’s reporting, automating reminders and reports, and helping you respond to the needs of your clientele with streamlined communication. Keep your team aligned by enacting your processes through our cloud-based system, and maintain regular updates for your clients on their case status with automated reporting and through the client portal.

Keep all persons updated with flexible real-time reporting, making each project stage visible. Additionally, by having reporting updated regularly, teams can immediately identify workflow blockages, allocating resources to put the client at ease.

Accelerated Workflow

With pre-populated forms and templated emails, you can save countless hours for your firm, increasing the efficiency of all processes. Our efficiency tools are consistently updated for the needs of our clients, adding new tools which benefits all of the advisers utilising Ezymigrate.

Ezyform is a key component of our immigration software, allowing your firm to swiftly populate documents with information stored in Ezymigrate’s cloud. The automatic filling of Visa application forms is a fantastic addition to our software, celebrated by our clients.

What Issues Do Outdated Immigration Tracking Processes Create?

Recording information collected from a wide array of clients and dealing with many different form requirements can make management difficult without a smart central recording system. Additionally, without a deadline tracker, problems can arise when you are unaware of impending deadlines for your clientele.

The valuable time of highly trained legal professionals can be wasted during the search for information and the data entry process, where most forms of manual recording and writing can be automated by modern software. Traditional immigration processes do not effectively account for contemporary collaboration styles, which becomes more necessary as your client-base expands and especially vital as staffers are more likely to work from home.

The accuracy, detail, and awareness of form revisions required of immigration advisors demands great attention to detail and minimal mistakes. Additionally, the sequential steps and tasks of immigration cases mean that software designed to lower risk can have a meaningful impact on operations.

Industry-Leading Digital Case Management

We developed Ezymigrate to fill a gap in the New Zealand immigration management industry, supporting the job of immigration case management with intelligent software to keep the process on track.

Consistently updating our tools in line with the latest immigration policies and needs of our users, Ezymigrate has become a critical application for our extensive customer base.

If you have any custom needs for your business, we will work with you to further augment our service, adding to the extensive array of immigration compliance applications.

Client Case Status

During contemporary immigration, clients shouldn’t have to estimate and stress about the time at which their forms will be processed. Our client portal and mobile application make it easier than ever for clients to stay updated. They can manage their application by adding forms and information to the cloud and check their case status online.

You can also automate emails and communications, saving time and resources to keep clients in the loop and eliminating the risk of errors that an extensive manual workload can trigger.

Discover How Ezymigrate Can Benefit Your Firm

Book a demo with our friendly team for a 30-minute virtual meeting to discuss our immigration application. One of our experts will organise the introduction at a convenient time for you.

We will express how Ezymigrate could be tailored to your business, benefitting your processes. Additionally, during the demonstration would be an excellent time to ask any questions you might have about the Ezymigrate software.

Sign on for the Ezymigrate tool relied upon by many advisors in the industry. We offer full support to our clients if you run into any difficulties.