Client Data – How Immigration Firms Are Saving Money Through Better Records Management

Mistakes and uneconomical processes dominate day-to-day operations in the immigration advisory industry as employees are tasked with retaining and sourcing valuable client documents and records. Without detailed notes of client interaction and meeting data, your employees are not profiting from the awareness and knowledge which could be derived from detailed tracking. Leading Immigration Advisors make the most of modern technologies to eliminate document retention issues and manage data effectively and securely.

Modern Approach to Immigration Management

Immigrating to New Zealand myself, I have engaged with the process and gained an understanding of the immigration consultant operation from a customer perspective. I witnessed the document-heavy nature of the profession, and have since learnt how difficult it is for advisors to understand the intricacies of each case, especially while the client is interacting with many employees from the organisation.

After consistently updating our Ezymigrate software, broadening our clientele, and gaining valuable feedback from advisors during our time in the industry, we have established a tailored approach to immigration management which streamlines processes with the latest technological functionality.

Pursuit of Employee Productivity and Customer Loyalty

As discussed by JT.Org, losing client records can rob you of your most vital business assets, your customers. Customer loyalty remains a virtue of successful immigration advisory firms, and any loss of data can cause clients switching to your competitors. Mistrust from losing personal client details is a characteristic you must avoid, where your business’ reputation is hard to repair and recover, and lost clients open your business up to severe financial losses.

Michelle Tran from DDLS examines how to improve employee productivity with Cloud Computing, describing how cloud computing streamlines collaboration, relieves teams of extra workloads, and delivers greater security to protect client data and remove risk of downtime associated with a security breach or virus attack. Security of client data plays a critical role for immigration advisors, where the option to shift responsibility of data protection to a cloud service provider is a key benefit of their service. 

Losing customers due to them seeking increased productivity from competing businesses is possible. So, spending time searching for documents or records that are not accessible within a unified interface, for your whole organisation, is an area favourable for immediate development.

Take Charge of Your Data

E-immigration software from Ezymigrate presents a one-stop system for enhancing productivity through centralised data storage, unified amongst your employees. Our online Ezymigrate portal presents a cloud-based system to help you easily contain all relevant documentation and is secure and reliable.

Data Security

Built on Microsoft’s Azure platform, hosted on their servers, Ezymigrate helps keep clients’ personal data safe and secure. You can collect any information from clients with complete confidence in its safety with our cloud-based software backed up by automatic encryption, smart traffic monitoring and profiling, smart access control, and many more security precautions. As part of our e-immigration software features, data security is a benefit of our tool that further speeds up processes and helps protect our clientele.

Extending Your Data

Document storage and management through the Ezymigrate portal excels by containing all relevant information and documentation with speed and automated processes. You can simply have more data available at your fingertips. Need to refer back to a previous meeting? With our File Note and Activity features, everything’s there when you need it. You can engage with intelligent reports management, where your team can collect and store all relevant details and refer back to information or use smart form filling to automate processes and speed up your tasks.

Streamlined Collaboration

With Ezymigrate’s e-immigration software, we ensure total coordination between your team members, where you can hand over cases, utilising our Processing Person Feature, and retain client confidentiality. Our Case Management System is a key example of how we can transform your business, where you can streamline case processes and interact within your organisation effectively. Our portal is designed to be simple and effective so that you and your team can get up to speed quickly and benefit immediately from the system.

Enhance Your Records Management Today; Protecting Client Data and Streamlining Your Processes

Choose Ezymigrate as your software solution for immigration consultancy. Housing an expert, independent software development team and our leading immigration CRM, we present tailored solutions to standardise your processes and manage cases with ease.

With the immigration advisory industry’s sensitivity to data protection and privacy, our customisable, secure system has been received well by our clientele. So, book a 30-minute demo from me, and start making your business more efficient today.