4 Key Benefits of a Mobile App for Your Immigration Consultancy Firm

Various obstacles can make it difficult to follow through on the desire to immigrate. For the immigration business, it is vital to understand the specific needs of your target clientele and ensure their concerns are addressed appropriately. Your ultimate objective needs to be to reduce the complexities of the immigration business and streamline the process in such a way that it becomes more accessible for people to plan to migrate.

Obstacles to Immigration

When I immigrated to New Zealand, I sought out an immigration advisor to help me cope with the complexities of immigration procedures which I knew often caused uncertainty and concerns for the client. Considering their essential contacts and understanding of relevant documentation, I began the process feeling convinced that my immigration advisor would speed through the situation and have my family on its way. However, I quickly realised that with the slow processes utilised by my consultancy team, the document-heavy nature of the process, and my inability to remain informed about the stage of my case, my immigrating to New Zealand would become a stressful, anxiety-inducing endeavour.

Client-Oriented Solutions

Nikita Agarwal defines why your business needs a mobile CRM strategy, considering customer acquisition and retention rates when introducing CRM software. She explains that mobile CRM tools help businesses stand out from the crowd, grabbing the customers’ attention and improving their experience of working with you. Increasing the lifetime value of your customer journey is what she examines as the main aim of mobile CRM. Not only will your team be able to immediately access client history and data, but clients can also respond to queries and submit documents in real-time, helping speed up and streamline the process.

Examining the reasons to invest in a mobile CRM app, Ian Naylor agrees with the potential improvements to customer service, wherein a CRM app can allow for better communication between consultant and consumer. With a mobile CRM app, consultants or customer service representatives can easily access and update customer information on the go, which can help them provide more personalised and efficient service. Additionally, the mobile CRM app can act as a platform for clients to contribute information and documents directly to the business.

Ezymigrate’s Mobile CRM Application

Responding to the hassle of immigration procedures and the complex responsibilities of immigration consultants, Ezymigrate is a software solution that features a mobile app: streamlining processes and enhancing flexibility for both parties.

See four ways the development of our mobile app has transformed the way immigration advisors do business:

Streamlining Paperwork Requirements

Clients can use Ezymigrate’s mobile app to upload files, documents, and complete forms directly through the app, enabling them to continue with their applications even while on the move. By adding this immigration software functionality for clients to utilise, not only can they directly send documents to your team, but they can also feel like they are having an impact toward moving their case forward.

Effortlessly Identify Case Progress

You don’t need to spend time responding to individual emails inquiring about progress, as clients can view the status of their application directly within the app. Modern customers expect immediate feedback and rapid responses from their advisors, where there is a small window of time for responses before they get anxious about their case; Ezymigrate helps solve these customer service issues.

Enhancemed Communication

Our beautiful Checkmyvisa client portal, available as a mobile app, allows clients to stay connected with you wherever they are. With clients able to better connect with your team, you can more quickly respond to their needs, reply to customer leads, and manage your existing accounts. While traditional forms of business communication require everything to go on hold as employees leave the office, Ezymigrate’s e-immigration mobile app boosts productivity and offers more options for your teams regarding when and where they conduct their business.

Improved Data Accuracy and Collaboration

Better collaborate with the customer and across your organisation with Ezymigrate’s mobile app. With cloud-coordinated data accuracy and the tools to create more engaged users, we can transform your business, helping you reduce the risk of human error and improve employee satisfaction.

Integrate Ezymigrate’s Immigration CRM App With Your Business

Mobile technology has dramatically transformed business by creating new industries and ways of doing business, giving customers more power, and increasing productivity and efficiency. More and more companies are incorporating mobile technology and outfitting their users with powerful mobile apps. Ezymigrate offers a mobile application tailored for immigration advisors that helps empower customers and streamline case management.

Are you prepared to take advantage of these advanced capabilities?