Your competitors’ immigration management demands less of their time. Here’s how.

As an immigration advisor, your routine tasks can command a frustratingly large part of your day. Your competitors have become more successful by streamlining their processes and reengineering their business systems. Automation has changed the landscape of the immigration advisory industry, helping businesses take on more clients, respond more quickly to client demands, and meet obligations with centralised data and reminder processes.

The Immigration Process

Being an immigrant myself, I witnessed the tedious immigration consultancy process, founding Ezymigrate to remedy a gap in the market; with a tailored tool for immigration management. I understand that immigration advisors’ clientele expects immediate responses, which are challenging to attend to with outdated tools. After many years in the industry, our International immigration management CRM solution has developed into a comprehensive tool through which our clients can streamline their systems.

Paperless Systems for Modern Businesses

Tech Enabled discusses the benefits of paperless business processes in 2022, demonstrating how business profits are at risk if their systems have not yet been migrated to a digital platform. They consider how paperless systems help business teams interact within a single unified system, receiving and uploading information for the right employees to utilise. The benefits of paperless, digital processes are clear in terms of communication and risk management, where everything functions more efficiently.

The business journalism team at NZ Business agrees, talking about speeding up workflows through paperless solutions and explaining that our reliance on paper is restraining the capacity of our businesses. They relay how, once digitised, CRM applications can be harnessed for greater information flow throughout the business, with easier retrieval processes.

Ezymigrate’s Immigration CRM Project Plan

Your time is valuable; Ezymigrate was developed because we understand that principle. The Ezymigrate project is an ongoing developmental process where we consistently add features and flexibility to our immigration CRM.

Ezymigrate Client File

Digital File Processing Features

File processing with Ezymigrate means you can streamline your processes to become paperless, utilising modern digital documentation to benefit your consultancy. With intelligent lead capture forms, you can log information straight into Ezymigrate, eliminating further steps in the process and making better use of your time. Say goodbye to the suffocating operation of filling forms by hand, where you can utilise the Ezymigrate tool to extract the information uploaded by you or the client to fill forms automatically.

Tailored for immigration consultants, our Ezymigrate file processing and client portal also empower clients, getting them involved in the process and moving their own cases forward. Clients can upload relevant documents directly to the Ezymigrate portal, providing their information to your notes immediately and reliably, ensuring they get straight into your hands. This user-friendly system is easy for clients to utilise while being secured by the Microsoft Azure platform for enterprise-level security.

Centralised Document Storage

Whether information has been sent through the client portal or by your team, all information you require is offered through Ezymigrate. You can process files seamlessly and review the case notes, history, and invoicing features accrued through multiple team members. 

Our system offers greater clarity regarding the stage at which a project is at and the complete documentation present or missing in the online portfolio. By keeping notes and documents in one unified place, you can save time hunting for client information and sourcing valuable files. Manage data that is streaming in from different sources in one unified document storage; the Ezymigrate portal.

Client Contact Made Easy

Ezymigrate offers a CRM solution specifically designed for immigration advisors and their clients. With our immigration CRM, your life is made simpler regarding document sourcing and storage, whilst lead management features and our mobile application make keeping track of clients easier than ever. Clients can track their cases from anywhere with the Checkmyvisa app, while you can keep in touch and ensure they are immediately updated on their latest case changes.

The Ezymigrate difference is characterised by an all-in-one client management solution, streamlining our clients’ operations and elevating their customers’ experience.

Start saving time now with Ezymigrate as your immigration file management solution.

With a leading CRM for immigration consultants and an expert, independent team of software developers, we have continually updated our system in partnership with immigration advisors to service their needs first.

In an industry enduring ageing file management processes and off-the-shelf CRM options, we know why our tailored, customisable option has been received with overwhelming popularity. Isn’t it time to benefit from the Ezymigrate difference?