You May Be Missing Out on Leads. Here’s the Key to Getting Immigration Law Clients

While the immigration advisory industry has its own unique challenges when compared with other disciplines, the need to find clients remains a constant demand in the business environment. But, are there fundamental systems you can install to empower your lead management and separate your business from competitors, expressing what makes your service stand out?

Multi-faceted marketing strategies are vital for modern immigration consultants, where converting clients necessitates online processes and automation.

In Collaboration With Immigration Consultants

As an immigrant, interactions with my immigration advisors were a struggle. I understood they had my best interests at heart, but they were impeded by their processes. During my multiple visits to their office, the exercise necessitated working with many different team members, who struggled to keep uniform information about my case. Also, throughout the activity, I was anxious about the state and progression of my case.

The experience forced me to question if I could implement a system that would help immigration law firms better meet the needs of their clients. Consequently, I founded Ezymigrate, our case management CRM. Working with businesses to capture leads amongst a range of industries, I have experience and knowledge in social media marketing and lead capture, which has informed Ezymigrate’s core features.

Lead Capture

Goran Paun from Forbes examines why a strong digital presence matters as you try and build your brand. He states how many customers have become accustomed to locating what they want online. Conducting research online before making an enquiry or purchase, potential leads are becoming more challenging to reach by traditional methods. Paun describes how a digital presence allows your business to form the ideal platform to communicate with customers and gives you an opportunity to separate yourself from competitors, setting the narrative on who you are as a brand.

Explaining the benefits of using CRM software for lead management, Max Freedman from Business News Daily feels that CRM works with each stage of lead management to aid in automation and tracking. He finds that CRM software solutions assist in lead capture forms, enrichment and tracking, qualification, distribution and nurturing, giving businesses everything necessary to maximise chances of conversion.

Capture New Leads With Ease

Ezymigrate’s potential client management system can help businesses effectively manage new leads and prepare for meetings with potential clients.

Customisable Enquiry and Assessment Forms

Ezymigrate is our software tool that helps businesses manage their interactions with potential clients. Our software allows businesses to capture leads through customisable enquiry and assessment forms that can be linked to a website or social media channels. Use web integration functionality to seamlessly connect Ezymigrate with your business’ platforms, making it easy to capture and store potential lead data.

Simplified Intake

Designed to help businesses manage their interactions with potential clients, one of the key features of Ezymigrate is the ability to automate collecting details about new clients. By linking the software to your website, you can automatically capture client information provided on your site and send it directly to Ezymigrate. Potential client data automation can help you quickly and efficiently inform your immigration practice of new leads. Additionally, the software allows you to access, automatically fill, and upload documents using customer information stored in the Ezymigrate cloud.

The software also provides a way for businesses to store and organise contact information and manage appointments. Track communication history, and take notes about each potential client while booking meetings directly through our system. Help your business stay organised and keep track of potential clients, as well as prioritise and allocate resources effectively, managing all the needs of your clients and keeping track of important information using efficient reporting.

Auto Agreement Builder

Set up contracts with simply a click through the Ezymigrate Auto Agreement Builder. The Auto Agreement Builder can be a convenient and efficient way to handle contract agreements, particularly if you have clients in different locations. The software also includes digital signature capabilities, which allow you to sign the same contract from different locations. It’s easier to handle agreements with clients located remotely with Ezymigrate, so, enquire today about how we can transform your business.

Claim Ezymigrate’s Potential Client Management System

With a potential client management system, help your businesses keep track of potential clients and ensure you are providing timely and effective follow-up to convert them into actual clients. It can also help your business identify and prioritise the most promising potential clients and allocate resources accordingly.

Stop missing out on leads: partner with Ezymigrate today!