Why Everyone is Falling in Love with our Document Checklist Feature

One of the most difficult jobs of immigration advisors is the collection of documentation that is accurately completed. Having worked closely with countless advisors over the years, I have observed firsthand how tedious and time consuming this part of the job is. Ensuring that all the documentation has been submitted and the heaps of paperwork are flawless requires a tremendous amount of labour-intensive work.

That is why I am super excited about our document collection checklist system. Every client can conveniently complete each document in a systematic, orderly fashion. Once satisfied, they can then upload it via a drive link. There is no chance of ever missing any documents. Need to update something? Not a problem, just open the document and update it. It only takes minutes. 

Patricia Lotich maintains that checklists produce consistency and supply recaps when distracted. In other words the chances of leaving a form incomplete because you had to attend a call become negligible. A checklist helps to improve service that keeps clients happy. According to Becky Metivier, an organizational tool like a checklist improves the efficiency of people carrying out complex assignments.

The Ezymigrate document checklist is ideally suited for immigration and visa advisors as it offers several benefits.

  • Multiple Document Checklists: Not all visas are created equal! Different visa types require different types of documents. Our system has a separate checklist for each type of visa.
  • Multiple Upload: Clients can take their time compiling information and collecting the various documents. When completed, they can then upload them all together in one go. Forgot a couple of papers? No worries! Simply use your personal link and continue uploading. 
  • Amend Before Sending: Make a mistake? Ezymigrate document checklist will let you make as many amendments as you need to get it perfect and resend.

Once all the documents are completed and uploaded, the file managers will automatically get a confirmation email. The client also retains a copy of all the documents. It is all very safe, secure and convenient for all parties. 

Ezymigrate can help you document more efficiently, accurately and provide a service to your clients that they will be happy with.  Go ahead, give us a call.