Use the Important Date Reminder Feature to Advance Your Business

Being a businesswoman of some experience I understand the need to meet deadlines. Remembering important dates and acting on them in a timely way can make or break a business. Visa consultants in New Zealand need to remember a lot of deadlines on behalf of their clients. Understanding this need, I decided to add the “important date reminder” feature in my software. 

If a vital deadline is missed it could translate into a disaster for a client. A missed deadline could mean a client does not get a much-awaited scholarship, miss a university admission deadline or even have their visa rejected or cancelled.  Visa consultants need to be on top of their game when it comes to remembering dates like medical certificate renewal, skill match expiry, police certificate expiry and many others. 

The important date reminder feature makes sure your client never suffers. Once the vital information is put into the software, you will get reminders of the upcoming deadlines. You can then contact your client to remind them that the PPI deadline is around the corner and they need to answer the query. Perhaps you need to tell your client that an advertising expiry date is coming up. These gentle reminders ensure your clients that you are looking out for them. 

Sarah Mitchell believes a feature like important date reminder aids in improving efficiency and increasing office productivity. Furthermore, a simple act of giving your client a call to wish them a happy birthday builds strong bonds with your client. Missing deadlines can cost a business dearly; a deadline reminder software feature can help to avoid this says, Kevin Fernandes. Furthermore, when a client receives timely and regular deadline reminders, it makes them feel appreciated and special. Other benefits include:

  • Encourages timely action on behalf of your client
  • Helps to improve sales and retain clients
  • Helps to improve customer service

To stand out in the competition, a business needs specialized tools. The important date reminder is just such a feature. Make sure your business is a head above the others; get your Ezymigrate software now!