The Automation Tool You Have to Start Using to Improve the Way You Manage Client Files

As an immigration advisor, you don’t need me to explain the importance of client files. My expertise is improving business processes to save time and money.

Wow, do I have a good tip to tell you about that will make managing client files so much easier.

It’s all about automation, a topic I am super passionate about. After all, automation minimises human errors and helps to optimise how you use your resources, as explained by Ashish Deshpande writing on the Business 2 Community website.

Writing on the Gartner blog, Susan Moore adds that automation also improves accountability and efficiency.

So, what’s the automation tip I hinted at above? It’s simple: turn on the new Auto Email Import feature in Ezymigrate.

Once switched on, it will automatically import emails from the inbox and outbox folders of your email account, recording them directly in the relevant client file in Ezymigrate.

How Ezymigrate Auto Email Import Feature Works

It works by matching the client’s email address in your email account with the email address on the client file.

When it finds a match, it first checks if Ezymigrate already has a copy of the email to prevent duplication. It then imports the email into the client file. It works for client files and potential client files as well as employer files.

The direct benefits include:

·     Save time and reduce hassle – with this new Ezymigrate feature, there is no longer a need for the standard time-consuming manual process.

·     Prevents duplication of work – when you think about it, sending the email and then manually recording it in the client file is double work. This should be something you used to do, not something you do now.

·     Improves client file accuracy – we all make mistakes. Forgetting to record an email in a client file, for example. The Auto Email Import feature prevents these mistakes from happening.

You can use the new feature right now, so turn it on today.