Stop Wasting Time When Renewing Your Immigration Adviser’s Licence

You will be familiar with that horrible feeling you get when you hear your immigration adviser’s licence renewal application will go through the inspection process. You get that feeling not because there is any problem with your business but because of the huge amounts of time you will have to spend preparing the selected client file. I’ve seen first-hand how much productive time is lost by good immigration advisers trying to renew their licence.

I also know the solution to this problem is simple. That solution is a CRM system. Among the many benefits of operating a CRM system is having easier access to customer data. In fact, a survey by Software Advice found that 74 percent of CRM users said their system improved access to client data.

This is because CRM systems centralise data. This brings many additional benefits to your business, as explained by Jeff Orloff on the blog.

Preparing a client file for an Immigration Adviser licence renewal inspection requires more than centralised data, though. There also needs to be the ability to present and access the data in the format required by the Immigration Advisers Authority.

Print Case Feature

 This is where the Ezymigrate Print Case feature can help. In fact, it will save you hours of work preparing your licence renewal application.

The Print Case feature prints everything relating to the required client file in chronological order. This includes emails, file notes, tasksletters, agreements and more.

Image :- Ezymigrate – Print Case Feature

The benefits of the Ezymigrate Print Case feature include:

  • Save time – you won’t have to spend time accessing multiple files and systems to pull together all the required information
  • Ordered automatically – not only does the feature give you all the information, it also orders it sequentially
  • Improves accuracy – using the feature removes the risk of omitting something that should be included

In other words, the Print Case feature in Ezymigrate is a huge productivity boost that will let you stay focused on what is most important – running your business.