Stay Ahead of the Competition with Online Meetings

Regardless of the industry, you work in, online meetings of key players are an integral part of conducting business. Early on, I realised this feature is especially vital in my industry of immigration services. Day in and day out, we deal with time-sensitive issues. Efficient communication with clients and everyone involved in processing that client’s file is vital. This is why the online meeting feature is invaluable.

With my online meeting feature, setting up meetings is fast, convenient and efficient. Microsoft analyses have found that online meetings tend to accomplish more in less time. According to studies, only 11% of online meetings are more than an hour-long with 22% lasting only half an hour. This frees up space for everyone to conduct tasks that really matter.

Online meetings are easy to set up using this feature. All the logistical and scheduling fluff is eliminated. Schedule a meeting through this feature and an email goes to all who are requested to attend simultaneously. All it requires is a few keystrokes and less than one minute to set up.

Abi Kennie finds online meetings enhance inclusivity. They allow you to set up a platform where all concerned parties can exchange vital information quickly, discuss and update everyone at the same time.  Ashley Speagle likes the cost-saving aspects of online meetings. There are no travel costs associated with online meetings. In an immigration consultancy business where different players are located in different countries, this becomes especially important.

The use of this modest yet powerful tool allows you to quickly deliver information, reach vital decisions and speed up the process of immigration for your clients. It offers advantages that physical meetings can’t even begin to match.

  • Boost Productivity: Online meeting feature allows you to gather information from your client and send it to many universities and immigration offices immediately. It ensures that all your team members are updated at the same time, regardless of where they are situated physically.
  • Permanent Record: the online meetings are automatically recorded. This eliminates any repetition and mistakes.
  • Time Savings:  with online meetings, there is no wastage of time. All the attendees can participate from wherever they are without having to worry about travel time and delays. 

The Ezymigrate feature of online meetings is a must-have for immigration consultant services.