Some immigration advisors run their businesses ultra-efficiently. How does yours compare?

Immigration advisory businesses are more successful when business processes are handled efficiently. This includes everything from customer interactions to the handling of visa applications. One way immigration advisors in NZ are making their businesses more efficient and successful is by using templates – letters, contracts, accounts documents, and more. Templates ensure these are all formatted and laid out properly with professional and consistent language. I have extensive experience digitising office processes and making them more efficient, so I made it a priority to give you template functionality to make multiple stages of communication with your clients more efficient.

The Prima Communications blog sums up the importance of using templates. It says they bring consistency, clarity, form, completeness, and efficiency to your business. It goes on to say that templates help make your files and documents more “manageable, reliable, and effective”. It concludes by saying the best templates are those designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

In an article on the blog, Carrie Smith puts templates second on her list of five essential things that make small businesses more productive and efficient. Streamlining expenses was the only other tip that was more important.

Work Smart!

Using Ezymigrate’s Templates

Ezymigrate now comes with template functionality enabling you to create, use, and edit templates. This saves you time and improves productivity as you can effortlessly reuse the templates as often as you like. You can create and use templates suitable for several key communication points with your clients, including at the invoicing and receipt generation stages.

·      Letters – many letters you send as an immigration advisor contain a similar structure and content. To make this communication faster you can now create letter templates. Whenever you email a client you can use the templates to help you draft the email, saving you time and maintaining consistent levels of professionalism.

·      Contracts – with Ezymigrate’s template functionality, your days of copying and pasting contracts to ensure accuracy and consistency are over. Just create a contract template (or several contract templates), and use them as required. Our template editors even allow you to add images and logos.

Create as many templates as you like

At Ezymigrate create/save templates in your preferred language

·      Accounting – the template functionality is now a key element of the Ezymigrate accounts section. For example, you can add multiple bank account details to the system and use them as required when sending invoices. You can also create invoice and receipt by using those templates which are sent as automated PDFs. You can even create multiple versions with different content and information so you can send the one most relevant to a particular client. This saves you time as you no longer have to write and rewrite the information every time you send an invoice or receipt.

You can also create balance templates according to visa type and stage. This helps you provide a better service to your clients and more efficiently adhere to this key IAA requirement. You can update them as required, and can even apply multiple balance templates. Once you have created them, they are available to use at the click of a button.

At Ezymigrate create balance templates that suits your business needs.

As you can see, the team at Ezymigrate works hard every day to improve functionality and make your job easier!

Ezymigrate’s templates are available for you to use immediately, and you can adapt them to suit the specific needs of your business. Once that is done, however, they take seconds to use, with unique information automatically populated from the Ezymigrate system. This ensure your business processes – whether that is communicating with a client, sending them a contract, or handling your accounts – is completed as quickly, efficiently, and accurately as possible.