Implementing a New System In Your Immigration Business Is Scary, But We’ve Got You Covered!

All the benefits a CRM will bring to your immigration business look good, but let’s be honest: they’re just theory. They’re completely real, of course, but you know your business better than anyone. For your business, they’re just theory.

I get this, I really do (even though I’m the greatest advocate for Ezymigrate on the planet).

After all, for a CRM to work in your business, you’ve got to manage the change process. This means effectively transferring your data, applying letter templates, uploading contracts, and more.

You and your team must also learn the system and adapt it to your processes. This all takes time, something which is probably in short supply.

You must also manage staff resistance to change. This can take many forms and there can be many reasons for the resistance, as explained by Susan M. Heathfield on The Balance. You still must deal with it, though.

There’s also the challenge of user adoption – will your team and partners use the system? Jeffrey Fotta explains on Entrepreneur why user adoption is crucial to CRM implementation success. Again, though, it’s up to you to achieve this.

Well, not exactly, as with Ezymigrate, you’re not alone.

With You Every Step of the Way

 At Ezymigrate, we take onboarding seriously and we understand the crucial importance of change management. As a result, we help you through every step of the change process. We take one step at a time, though, only moving to the next stage when you’re ready.

 We’ll customise our onboarding support to the needs of your business, but here are some of the things we do:

 ·     Setting up your account – uploading your data, transferring letter and contract templates, integrating Ezymigrate with your internal processes, and more

 ·     Training your team – we’ll spend time with you and your team training you on how to use the system

 ·     Providing ongoing support – we’re always available when you need us

 From my experience, it only takes a few days to set up, train, and integrate Ezymigrate in your business. In other words, with our help and a small investment in your time, you’ll get all the benefits the Ezymigrate system has to offer.