Impact of our Excel Import Feature your Business can’t Afford to Ignore

The Excel Import Feature is a tool no immigration consulting business can afford to be without. This is because Excel can manage immense quantities of data and is the unofficial professional standard used in businesses across the planet. While immigration consulting businesses get hundreds of inquiries regarding immigration or university applications and must be able to manage that data.

Early in my career, I realized that we needed to be able to use excel and maintain files in one place where everyone in the firm could access the information. The Excel Import Feature in my software allows your business to have the best of both worlds.  

The feature allows you to bulk import all the information collected into the Ezymigrate software. With just a few keystrokes the manager can then convert the information into tasks that can be assigned to different workers for following up.

Once the task is created, the person assigned the task will automatically get an email informing them of their duty. The workflow is created within minutes.  this saves the company time, improves efficiency and eliminates any potential for miscommunication.

Kat Boogaard believes that the value of excel’s versatility cannot be understated. The excel import feature allows you to use that capability and then import it to share with all your workers. It allows managers to disperse assignments more efficiently and oversee them.

Julie Frey has been using excel for more than three decades and finds it to be a great tool for presenting the information. 

  • Improve productivity. You too, can control tons of data, better analyze it, and present it to your teammates more efficiently.
  • Eliminate potential errors. Sharing email addresses and contact with hundreds of clients has tremendous potential for making mistakes. The use of the excel import feature totally eliminates that.
  • Save time and money. The faster and better you communicate, the more your business grows. The use of the excel import feature allows you to do both.

Now you can use all the benefits excel has to offer and then import the information into your Ezymigrate software. Can your business afford not to have it?