How your Business can Rule the World With Digital Signature

Even when using electronic media, getting clients to sign official documents is a needlessly tiresome and dreary process. It requires that the client download the document, print it and then finally sign. In the next phase, the client has to scan the signed document. Then upload it, converted it to a PDF and finally email it back. The use of the digital signature feature can make the signing of official papers effortless and convenient. This is because it is a one-step process.

Having been associated with the immigration advisory sector for over a decade, believe me, I fully understand how monotonous and time-consuming this process can be. Not to mention the fact that clients must have additional gadgetry such as a printer and scanner before the documents can be signed and returned. 
All large corporations and conglomerates around the globe are now advocating the use of digital signatures to improve workflow.

Keith Krach, Co-founder & CEO of Ariba, Chairman of Angie’s List and VP, General Motors, believes digital signature is a fast and secure way of getting work done. In her blog, Emily Maxie states that using digital signatures allows you to enhance customer relations and upgrade document security.

The use of digital signatures offers many benefits:

  • As the whole process is done online, the time and cost of physically delivering papers are eliminated, making digital signing faster and cheaper. 
  • No additional gadgetry is necessary; all you need to sign the document is your computer or a smartphone. 
  • It is more secure than paper-based signatures. This is because software with electronic signing functionality can detect the minutest alterations to signatures.

The digital signature feature in Ezmigrate saves money. Your clients do not have to purchase separate digital signatures from a third party nor do they need to invest in printers or scanners. 

Isn’t it time you let Ezymigrate handle your digital solutions?