How to Manage your Leads so you Never Lose A Client

The proper tracking and managing leads of potential clients are important to any business. This is even truer in this age of digital, multi-faceted client lead generating process. In my experience of working with visa consultants, I saw there was a need to systematically manage potential clients. 

New Zealand visa consultants are collecting potential client leads from around the globe. The progression of the lifecycle of these leads from acquisition to conversion takes time and effort. Efficiently processing, storing and following through requires a systematic approach. This is why I introduced the “managing leads” feature into my software.

The managing leads feature allows you to collect essential client information and enter it into the pipeline process. The centralized platform allows you to manage lead history and maintain files. Once in the pipeline, it itemizes the stages necessary for turning a lead into the contract. It allows you to nurture your clients so they feel privileged.

The software will tell you how many clients there are at each stage of the process, so you can follow up and help them through each stage. The individual contact at each stage gives the potential client the special attention they deserve. This type of personal attention helps client conversion rates. 

The Founder of The Starting Idea, Abhik Shome believes the managing leads feature stands apart from the crowd. It lets you get noticed by your potential client and perks their interest in conducting business with you. Jacinda Santora goes on to say that managing leads are about driving communication so casual lead traffic can be converted into loyal customers. 

Managing leads can offer numerous benefits, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • All documents and emails are stored methodically for quick reference
  • Allows you to invoice your new clients
  • Improve your sales
  • Provide better customer service

The managing leads feature will allow you to pursue leads and manage them. It will easily allow you to convert leads into lifelong customers. You too can start using the feature as soon as you purchase your Ezymigrate software.