How Some NZ Immigration Advisors Are Managing Their Accounts In Just 2 Minutes A Day

Does it take you longer than two minutes a day to manage accounts in your business? Over the years I have built up considerable expertise in digitising office processes, so I was surprised to find that so many immigration advisors still manually send invoices, record payments, and send receipts.

 On the popular website Small Business Trends, Steven Scheck explains how small businesses like yours can achieve business process automation. This is known as BPA and when you get it right you will have more time to develop and grow your business. Scheck says one of the key ways to implement BPA is through automating repetitive tasks – such as accounting and invoicing.

A post on Xero’s blog goes further, explaining the benefits of emailing invoices to clients instead of sending them manually. It says emailing is more secure, more environmentally friendly and quicker to send. It goes on to say that people pay emailed invoices promptly plus you can use the email address to send marketing messages.

Three Tips For Managing Your Accounts And Invoicing More Efficiently

 By automating your accounting processes you can cut the amount of time you spend on invoices and accounts to about two minutes a day, while still meeting your tax and IAA obligations. Here’s how:

  • Invoice in multiple currencies – this is often one of the most challenging day-to-day accounting tasks that an immigration professional faces. Your customers are in another country and use a different currency so the best way to invoice them (for hassle free and prompt payment) is to send the invoice in their currency. Ezymigrate lets you do this simply and quickly.
  • Automate invoicing – the process of creating, emailing and keeping a record of invoices should be automated too. With Ezymigrate you can set invoices to send automatically, plus you can integrate it with Xero if you send invoices using that platform.
  • Automate payment processes – proper automation also means recording payments electronically on a client’s file. With Ezymigrate a receipt is automatically generated and sent to the client too.

The way forward for immigration advisors to keep you competitive and give you time to spend on the things that are important in life is to let IT solutions like Ezymigrate handle your repetitive and mundane tasks like invoicing and accounts.