How Embracing The Cloud Can Make Your Immigration Business More Profitable

More and more technical solutions are being delivered in the cloud. This includes Ezymigrate. When I speak to immigration advisors I still find there is hesitancy about using cloud based solutions though. Sometimes this is due to legitimate concerns, while other times it is down to a lack of knowledge.

 One of the biggest concerns surrounds security and control. After all, an immigration business is all about data. Your client list, your leads, the details of your clients, your client’s documents, details of application deadlines – this is all data. Moving that data out of a manual or computer-based system in your office to the cloud – which you can’t physically see or touch – feels like relinquishing control.

 When I hear these concerns I usually respond by saying that you are probably already using cloud services, and don’t even know it. Popular business services like Gmail, PayPal and Dropbox all use cloud technology in a similar way to Ezymigrate. Two of the key features of these systems, including Ezymigrate, are control and security.

 Enterprise Level Security

Security is taken so seriously by cloud solution providers that you actually get enterprise levels. This high standard of security is usually too expensive for individual SMEs to purchase and manage alone, but when scaled over a cloud solution it becomes feasible.

 The reality is, therefore, that your data is more secure with a cloud based solution, and you have more control over it. The one proviso to that statement is that you have to use a solution with enterprise security features.

Increasing Profits

 Security is not the only benefit the cloud can bring to your business, however. It can, in fact, make your business more profitable. Here is how: 

  1. Increases collaboration – you and members of your team can work on the same files and client accounts at the same time. This encourages and improves collaboration. It also gives you greater control over documents and improves document security. For example, everyone will always have access to the latest version of a document or file, and there is no chance of any documents accidentally getting lost in the pile for recycling.
  2. Work from anywhere – you can access cloud solutions from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Nothing needs installed, and you can use any device. That opens up endless possibilities. For example, it makes it easier for you to offer your employees flexible working. Another example is being able to access a document or piece of information, even when you are not in your office. You could be on the golf course, the beach, or the hairdressers – so long as you have access to the internet, you are connected.
  3. Lowers costs – cloud based solutions like Ezymigrate also lower your costs, which helps you become more profitable. For a start, capital costs are lower as you do not have to purchase new or replacement equipment or servers. It is also easier to setup and maintain. This is because there is nothing to install, software updates are applied automatically, and all security settings are managed centrally. It is also easier to scale up or down a cloud based solution than the alternatives. Finally, the benefits of improved collaboration and work from anywhere capabilities will make your business more efficient, which also lowers your costs.

The cloud brings many benefits to your business but the most important is that it will improve your bottom line. It enables you to offer a better service to your clients, improve the administration of your business, and lower your costs. Your team will work more efficiently, and you will have more time and resources to grow the business, find new clients, and develop your services.