How a Standardised Case Management System Can Minimise IAA Complaints

Immigration advisers are among the hardest-working people I’ve met, but their work processes are often disorganised and haphazard. The way client cases are handled is the perfect example.

With each client case, you must complete several tasks – tasks for your business, for the client, and so you comply with Immigration Adviser Authority (IAA) rules. However, there is often no structure to that list of tasks. In most businesses, each individual will operate a different system using everything from memory to to-lists. The reality with this, however, is that things can and do get missed.

When multiple people are working on a case the situation is exacerbated as one often doesn’t know what the others have done.

This leads to multiple problems for your business:

  • Wasted time and resources trying to stay on top of a case when there is no adequate structure in place
  • Poor client service, particularly if something is missed that leads to a delay or rejection of a visa
  • Issues with the IAA, particularly if a client makes a complaint
  • Inconsistency in your operations
  • Increased costs dealing with the above problems

 The solution to disorganised workflow processes in NZ immigration businesses is simple – implement a standardised case management system.

According to an article on the Business Analyst Learnings blog, such tools can bring significant benefits to your business. This includes more efficient use of resources, increased accountability, streamlined processes, improved communication, and faster handling of cases because there are fewer delays.

An article on Quality Magazine adds that businesses that implement process management tools will see improvements in agility, lower costs, higher revenues, greater efficiency, better visibility, and improved compliance.

 That is easier said than done, unless you use Ezymigrate. 

The Ezymigrate Case Management System is a workflow management tool.

Ezymigrate’s Case Management System

  1. Manage – see at a glance the progress of a client’s case including the overall progress (in percentage terms) as well as completed tasks and tasks still to do
  2. Collaborate – it is a central system so all members of your team see the same information, i.e. no more emails between members of your team checking if a task has been actioned
  3. Actionable – the Ezymigrate Case Management System is easy to implement as it is designed specifically for NZ immigration advisers

 In other words, Ezymigrate offers you a standardised case management system to organise your most important work flow. This improved efficiency will benefit your clients and, ultimately, your business.