Here’s How other Immigration Advisors are Using This Powerful Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is, without doubt, one of the most powerful marketing strategies available. That said, I knew there wasn’t a tool specifically tailored for the immigration industry in New Zealand. So, we built it.

Before getting into Ezymigrate’s fantastic bulk email feature, it’s important to point out some of the benefits of keeping in regular touch with clients and potential clients by email. I say some benefits as there simply isn’t time to highlight them all.

Writing on Marketing & Growth Hacking, Sebastian Legarraga says email marketing lets you reach immigration clients on their phones in real-time in a way that is personal and engaging.

Drake Duenwald agrees in an article on, adding that email marketing also helps you sign up new clients.

These facts are true for all industries, but for NZ immigration advisors, it’s also important that email marketing efforts meet IAA regulations.

Ezymigrate Bulk Email Solution

At Ezymigrate, we have integrated bulk email functionality into our platform. This helps you stay in touch with clients and meet your regulatory responsibilities. Here are some of the key features:

Privacy – even though the tool is a bulk email feature, all information is kept private to each recipient

● Record kept – Ezymigrate automatically updates the client file of any client you include on a bulk email distribution

● Template support – to make it easy to create attractive emails that include images, you can use Ezymigrate’s templates feature

What you send your clients is up to you, but important marketing messages, as well as advice on visa policy updates, are good places to start.