Four Reasons You’re Losing Out If Your CRM is Customisable

Do you have a CRM that is customisable, i.e. where you can add your own fields? Do you think you have the best solution in hand? What if I told you that customisation is holding you back? I have seen this repeatedly in immigration advisory businesses up and down the country – the false promise of CRM customisation.

Let’s briefly explain the debate. CRMs are undoubtedly beneficial to your business – I have discussed that in other blogs. One of the choices you have is to get one that is configurable (where you can add your own fields), or one that isn’t. Many people instinctively think configurable is best, but it isn’t.

In particular, it is not advisable if the CRM system is open source. In an article for CIO, Paul Rubens outlines seven reasons for not using open source software. This includes a lack of support, time consuming management, and inferior features.

Is it ever beneficial to have a customisable solution, though? The simple answer is yes, and on the Caspio blog they explain why – you get exactly what you need with better integration with business processes. However, the comparison they are making is with a generic CRM, which doesn’t include NZ Immigration Advisor’s requirements. Ezymigrate is not a generic CRM.

A tailored software approach is required in Immigration Industry

The Ezymigrate Difference

Ezymigrate offers the best of both worlds – specific functionality that is laser focused on the NZ immigration adviser industry but without all the problems that come with customisable, open source software. The question shouldn’t be whether you get a customised CRM or not. Instead, you should consider whether to get one you have to customise yourself, or one that has been specifically built for your industry from the ground up by industry experts.

Here are four things you get with Ezymigrate that you don’t get with a configurable CRM:

 Better support – you get enterprise levels of support from a team with microscopic knowledge of the system.

Visual design and features – the user interface, features, and reports are all created by industry experts specifically for the immigration industry. It would take years of development to achieve the same with a generic but customisable platform.

Software as a service (SaaS) – the SaaS model means you don’t have to worry about security or servers, plus new functionality is automatically available.

Added functionality –  we have developed specific functions that are not available in other CRMs, for example, Accounting system and Case Management System. They are in Ezymigrate because the immigration industry needs them.

It is understandable that an industry suffering from off-the-shelf CRMs would turn to a customisable option. Before you didn’t have a choice, but Ezymigrate now offers a better solution. Isn’t it time you made the switch?