It’s Finally Here! We are so Happy to Announce the Feature Release Plan for the Brand New Ezymigrate Platform!

Ezymigrate System Release Plan

Ezymigrate is excited to announce the launch of its new system today. Experience a complete upgrade with this incredible historic day that opens up so many doors for you! The Ezymigrate team has been working hard on this exciting update and we just can’t wait to share it with all our customers soon!

We decided to release the brand new Ezymigrate in 4 stages, this way we can take our current users through each stage of the new system to ensure everyone is comfortable before we migrate all the data from the current Ezymigrate to the new platform.

This will allow us to slowly and effectively communicate all of the new features, changes, and updates that we are implementing over time instead of overloading our users with everything at once.

You can expect a smoother ride when we launch our new extensive Ezymigrate system in stages. Our developers are already working on any bugs that may occur, and they’ll be able to manage them more easily with the system released step by step so your business is never interrupted.

For now, you will keep using the current system, once we have completed the Release Plan and all features and functionalities are fully deployed and you are comfortable with the new system, then we will help you move you and your data over to the brand new Ezymigrate.

Finally, we want to say this version of Ezymigrate is a beta. The purpose is to ensure our customers are happy and confident in using it before we migrate all our clients to the new system. Our goal is to make the transfer easy and stress-free.

Please be patient. It’s a new system in beta. It is completely normal for there to be bugs when people start using it. We are aware and ready to start fixing them if they occur. 

Keep an eye on this page, we will post updates and changes as we progress through the Release Plan.


How do we access the new Ezymigrate?

You can find the login page Here just use your current Ezymigrate login credentials to try out the new beta!

Can I start working on the New Ezymigrate?

We are so excited for you to start using the new Ezymigrate, however for now this is a beta for you to try out and learn how to use the new features. All data on the beta will be deleted before we move all data from the current Ezymigrate over to the new platform.

When will the New Ezymigrate go live?

Once we have completed all stages of the Release Plan and we are sure all our current users are happy and confident in using the new platform.

What happens to all my client files and data?

Nothing, everything stays the same for now, we will make sure we keep you well informed before we start migrating your data to the new platform.

Where can I find the Release Plan?

Click Here for the Latest Release Plan.

When is the Mobile App and Ezyform going to be available?

We are so excited about these game-changing features! We want to ensure they are perfect for you! Our goal is for them to be completed during the final stage 4 of the Release Plan.


This is a demo of the latest Ezymigrate release. You are free to add and change any of the sample data. However, all data will be deleted prior to migrating all your current client data to the new system. Ezymigrate accepts no responsibility for the content created by its users or any loss of data on this beta version. There will be limited access to Ezymigrate and its latest features as they are still under release.