Don’t Get Left Behind, Start Using our Agreement Builder Today

Nearly all business liaisons require a legal document or contract that specifies services to be rendered, deadlines and compensation entitled. For immigration consultants creating such a document for individual clients can be time-consuming, labour intensive, prone to errors, and expensive when legal teams are hired. 

Having been in the field for the last many years, I totally understand the frustrations immigration advisors face when drawing up such legal documents. The use of the latest technology can deter many headaches for immigration consultants. The more automation there is in your contract builder, the greater the number of viewpoints it can oversee to generate the perfect contract.

Contract generation is an integral part of the immigration consulting business, whether big or small. Unfortunately, many establishments still insist on continuing with old-fashioned, inefficient paper-based contracts.

Jessica Elliott is a business and marketing essentials and tech expert with more than twenty-four years of experience. She feels no business can thrive without the use of this latest technology. Randy Bishop, Co-Founder, President and Chairman of ContractSafe says paper-based filing systems work when one person is at the helm. However, when a whole company starts to use it, files go missing, get wrong labels and confusion sets in. This is something best avoided by going digital. 

The auto agreement building feature of my software offers numerous benefits:

  • Reduces the potential for mistakes: New contracts take information directly from a client file, thus minimizing the risk of errors. 
  • Personalized Contracts: The contract generated is client-specific according to the visa type the client requests. 
  • Short approval times: The easy to customize procedure built into each contract allows for reviewing to be speeded up, which improves efficiency. 

Ezymigrate’s auto agreement builder is simple to use, with a learning curve of just minutes and not days. It saves time and improves efficiency. But don’t take our word for it! Try it yourself.