Digitising and Simplifying the Immigration Client Sign-Up Process – Let Us Show You How

Sending a questionnaire to a potential immigration client, getting the questionnaire returned, updating the client’s record with the information in the questionnaire, creating and sending a client agreement, and getting that agreement signed – you probably go through this process without thinking about it. I think about it, though, because it’s my job to make it easier for immigration advisors in NZ to run their businesses.

 The business process described above is also known as a workflow. Think about how long it takes you to get through the above workflow. You can cut this down to minutes, however, with workflow automation. According to this definition, workflow automation involves increasing the “efficiency of a workflow by improving the coordination of the activities of the people involved”.

 Randall Orser, writing on LinkedIn, describes the benefits of doing this. He says it reduces inefficiency, improves communication, saves money, and improves data accuracy.

Automate Workflows with Ezymigrate

With Ezymigrate, you can automate the workflow described above using our three new conversion rate optimisation tools – Digital Questionnaire, Automatic Agreement Builder, and Digital Signature. In other words, you can now send questionnaires digitally, clients can complete them digitally, and the questionnaire automatically updates the client record. You can then automatically create a new agreement for the client, email it to them, and they can then sign and return it digitally.wwwThe benefits of automating this workflow are significant:

 ·     Faster conversions – dramatically cut the time it takes to turn a lead into a client

·     Paperless – eliminate the need to use inefficient paper-based processes

·     Increase profitability – use the time you save to grow and improve your business

 Paper questionnaires and paper client agreements are holding your business back. It’s time to make the quick and easy change to workflow automation with Ezymigrate.