Complying with IAA Guidelines is Easy… When You Know How

How many steps do you go through as an immigration advisor to record information from clients in a way that is compliant with IAA guidelines? How long does it take you? I’ve seen the process so I know it’s time-consuming. That’s why we decided to fix it with a feature in Ezymigrate.

We did this by digitising and automating the process.

On, Jonha Revesencio explains several advantages of digitising business processes. Immigration advisors in New Zealand can benefit from them all, including making your business more efficient while also saving you time and money. According to the article, you can do this by directing the time you normally spend processing and storing physical copies of client forms into other areas of your business – such as marketing.

What about automation? According to Jeff Charles, automation can make your business considerably better. In an article on Small Business Trends, Charles says automation is not only about getting things done faster and cheaper. Instead, it is about doing things better as well. He says automation helps you work smarter rather than harder.

IAA Compliance

All this is interesting, but how does it relate to recording information from clients in a way that’s IAA compliant? That’s where Ezymigrate comes in – in fact, it’s the only solution available that enables you to digitise and automate the process of obtaining client information while remaining IAA compliant.

The system does this through digital questionnaires. Here’s how it works:

You select a questionnaire – there are options for study, visit, work, and residence visa applications.

You send the questionnaire by email to your client – add a personalised message to the client and click send – that’s it.

The client completes the form electronically – after the information is entered, the client simply clicks Submit to send the form back to you.

Ezymigrate automatically stores and distributes the form – the form instantly becomes part of the client’s file and is accessible in the client’s history. The form is also automatically sent to the client’s email address for their records and to the email address of the immigration advisor responsible for preparing the visa application.

In other words, the IAA requirement that an immigration adviser communicates directly with the client is achieved as the immigration adviser working on the case personally sends the questionnaire to the client by email. Also, proof that the client returns the completed questionnaire is recorded in the system. In addition, the immigration adviser gets a copy of the questionnaire sent to them by email as a PDF document. This creates a paper trail that you can use if the client files a complaint to the IAA.

Your involvement in creating this IAA compliant paper trail takes seconds – the time it takes you to select the form, type a quick message to the client, and click send.

Compare this to your current manual system of sending a client a physical form, getting them to complete and sign it, scanning the form so you have a digital copy, and then filing the physical copy for future reference.

In other words, Ezymigrate’s digitised and automated process will save you considerable amounts of time.

So, now you too know how to comply with IAA guidelines the easy way – give it a go today.

Of course, we are tech developers independent of IAA, however, we have developed our system with help from immigration advisers. We can’t say it will make you 100 percent IAA compliant – nobody could – but Ezymigrate will make your compliance work processes more efficient.