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From Chaos to Clarity: A Law Firm Success Story

Darsan required a platform that empowered immediate results for a client in need, so she turned to Ezymigrate for an all-in-one CRM solution.


Stranded Overseas


Darsan is a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand who runs her own Auckland-based practice, specialising in property, business, and immigration law. Before incorporating Ezymigrate’s software into her operation, her immigration processes were largely manual, commanding time and resources to function for each individual client. Darsan regularly travelled overseas between New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia for business migration seminars and family commitments, working 14/15 hour days to manage time differences and manual processes. She had no freedom.


On one occasion, she was holidaying in the idyllic Langkawi, Malaysia, for a business migration seminar when she received an urgent call from a client who had to get to New Zealand with a student Visa in just three weeks.

The Ezymigrate Solution

Fortunately, Darsan became a subscriber of Ezymigrate’s all-in-one practice management system. Darsan relied on Ezymigrate, sending Visa application forms through the cloud-based platform. Ezymigrate was made available to her team and the client, quickly coordinating their processes and filing all the necessary documentation and information to complete the forms. She used Ezymigrate’s communication tools to contact her team members and collaborate with them effectively, alongside empowering her client to fill in information directly to Ezymigrate, which fast-tracked the process.


With Ezymigrate, Darsan completed and submitted the forms in time from overseas, ensuring her client’s Visa application wasn’t delayed. The student arrived in New Zealand within two weeks, even sooner than Darsan. She states: “that was magical. That is the power of Ezymigrate.” With improved productivity, Darsan hired two more immigration staff who were trained by the Ezymigrate system. Ezymigrate Gives her the freedom to travel without worry and hire a younger generation who can work from anywhere.


Benefits of Using an Immigration CRM


Let’s take a closer look at the value of Ezymigrate for Darsan:


1. Cloud-Based: With Ezymigrate’s cloud-based immigration software, Darsan accessed all the necessary documents and information required for cases from across the globe. She located the file notes, complete email and client history, client character information, client proof documents, and much more, all organised effectively in the Ezymigrate software.


2. Complete Digital Files: Ezymigrate’s paperless all-in-one practice management system allowed Darsan to manage her client’s case from a single platform. Ezymigrate eliminates the need for multiple systems, organising complete files in one tool, making the process more efficient and streamlined.


3. Efficient communication: Ezymigrate’s communication tools allowed Darsan to share effectively with her team members and the client. This collaboration ensured everyone was on the same page and there were no delays or miscommunications.


Ezymigrate’s All-In-One Practice Management System


Immigration lawyers are leveraging the power of cloud-based CRM software like Ezymigrate to provide better service to clients, streamlining their processes, increasing productivity, introducing analytics and reporting features, and accessing information on the go, transforming their firms.


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