Can you Afford Not to Use The Print Case Feature?

The changing laws in New Zealand require that businesses like immigration services provide detailed information regarding their cases. This can prove to be a difficult prospect if the case happens to be several years old. This is where the Print Case Feature in my software can prove to be priceless.  As an experienced immigration services software solutions provider, I understand how vital client information is. I understood the need to reference old cases when there were return customers. But now, this data must be available for legal reasons.

The Print Case Feature is a fantastic tool that allows you to retrieve all information concerning any case. This brilliant tool does all the work, so you don’t have to go digging through files and spend hours itemizing the vital evidence. The Print Case Feature retrieves all the data for any given case, from emails to tasks and file notes and allows you to print it out. The best part is that everything comes out in chronological order! Everything is presented as a perfectly outlined story, stated to hand over to the audit authorities. 

Baiju NT, founder of Big Data Made Simple, and the over 800 businesses surveyed feel businesses gain a competitive edge when data is stored digitally.  Eliminating the physical environment and the need for specialized people to retrieve stored data improves efficiency and saves time. Vinay Singh agrees that digitalization is “one of the most convenient and efficient methods to store data.” 

Among its many benefits are:

  • Accessibility and Usability: the simple interface allows you to collect all relevant information within minutes and print it.
  • Security: all the data is secure. Only the people authorized have access and confidential information stay confidential.
  • Economical: Internal costs and resources are saved when all your data is saved digitally.

Businesses have become highly competitive. To stay ahead of the competition it is necessary to make use of all the tools available. Stay ahead of the competition, get the Ezymigrate software today!