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Ezymigrate is a comprehensive and feature-rich case management software designed for immigration law firms and consultants worldwide. With its extensive array of tools and user-friendly interface, Ezymigrate revolutionises the way you handle immigration cases, document collection, and practice management.

    Next Generation Immigration CRM

    We are excited to introduce our new partnership with VISA, a group who inspire us immensely with their incredible efforts in defending immigrants. All VISA members will receive 56.76% off subscription fees in support of their commendable work.

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    How Ezymigrate Simplifies Immigration Law & Consultancy Practices:

    Join VISA and receive the special introductory price of $80/User/Month. This offer is available for limited time only.

    It’s an honour to collaborate with VISA, a group whose work we have admired for years. Their work in defending immigrants and championing social causes inspires us a great deal. We are providing 56.76% off subscription fees for all valid, active visa members, in order to help continue their mission.


    Per User / Month Standard Price $ 185/user/Month

    with 56.76% exclusive discount for VISA members

    One Time Onboarding Cost 350 AUD

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