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Ways Ezymigrate Benefits Large Companies:Why Immigration Advisor, William Wan Recommends Ezymigrate

Licensed advisor William Wan was struggling to keep on top of his immigration business. Over his ten years in the industry, he had experienced enough growth that he was able to increase his team to upwards of 20 people. But he was finding it difficult to keep on top of everything.


Adjusting from a small to upper mid-sized business in just a few years came with a crop of new challenges. In particular, managing multiple cases across multiple team members – he needed a system that could manage task-sharing efficiently. As his clients grew, so did his staff members, and the number of deadlines to remember. Passport and visa expiry deadlines were getting missed, and William realised he had to convert the entire team to a more streamlined system and way of running things.


William was then led to Ezymigrate. We had been working in the industry over the same period, and he knew that he could trust in our system to provide exactly what agents like himself required. It’s our experience in this industry that inspired us to create Ezymigrate – the CRM solution tailor-made for immigration businesses.


“I’m a licensed immigration advisor who has been working in this industry for over ten years. I began using Ezymigrate as his CRM and found great success with this platform.”

William Wan, Immigration Advisor


Benefits William found with Ezymigrate:
● By using one organised database, William and his team can now:
● Send emails directly to clients from the database
● Remind themselves of deadlines with automatic notifications
 Remember clients DOB and visa expiry dates
● Get triggers for passport expiry dates
● Be notified of expiry dates for partner and children visas also


“It has a very organised system where visa advisors and our team members can work together on a client case.”

William Wan, Immigration Advisor


Allocating tasks across the entire team
One of the best benefits he found was being able to share tasks across his team whilst working together on a specific client case.


As the head of a large team, William found that Ezimigrate was able to help him and his staff manage various visas for various clients, simultaneously and across the board.

When you have a large organisation like we have… we employ 20 people here, and it’s always very useful that you can share information on the same system.”

William Wan, Immigration Advisor


Ways Ezymigrate benefits large companies:
● Enables easy organisation, sharing and accessing of file notes, especially with a large organisation like William’s (20+ employees)
● Mulitple staff members can work on multiple cases at the same time
● Task sharing is simplified and automised, as well as team member communication
 Information can be shared across the company on the same system
● Data, expiry dates and file notes easily accessible for all team members


See how Ezymigrate can benefit your business – try it today!

Ezymigrate is designed for immigration businesses like yours, big or small. Try your free trial here or book a demo. Simplified business processes are just a click away!

It’s a very efficient system… if you are working in the immigration industry, this is a must try software.

William Wan, Immigration Advisor

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