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Success Story: How Ms Jina Transformed Her Business with Ezymigrate’s Lead Management Solution

The Lead Management Struggle


Ms Jina runs an immigration advisory branch in China that operates for New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian Visas. She was receiving a large number of leads through various channels (School and Visa agents, WeChat, Website, Referrals, Repeat Clients) and handling client documents daily with manual records and processes. However, she managed these leads ineffectively due to weak business capacity, resulting in wasted time and resources.


Despite promising leads from the business’ social media and website, she could not identify them, discern the valuable clients from the rest, or act on each opportunity, and her business suffered as a result.


Ms Jina knew she needed a software partner that could help her business reach its potential, but she was anxious about adopting technology to run her business processes. She was managing a team that was not tech-savvy, and software options she was considering weren’t translated into Chinese, a necessity for her team.




Ezymigrate provided Ms Jina with a solution to her lead management challenges, as she utilised the system to create custom Chinese digital forms. By integrating Ezymigrate’s digital forms with her website and social media pages, Ms Jina streamlined her data collection process.


For longer assessment forms, Ms Jina used I-frame, while she used APIs to integrate inquiry forms. With the straightforward integration of Ezymigrate’s custom-made digital assessment forms, Ms Jina’s busy practice began receiving thousands of leads, which the Ezymigrate CRM system helped qualify, to attend to the more promising clients.


One of the best parts of using Ezymigrate’s solution was that all qualified clients were automatically loaded into the Ezymigrate CRM system, which kept complete records of all of Ms Jina’s communication. This helped her keep track of interactions with clients and provided valuable insights into their needs and preferences.


By using Ezymigrate’s solution, Ms Jina increased sales, streamlined data collection, and grew her business.

The Value Ms Jina Found With an Intelligent Software Solution


Increased Sales: By streamlining the data collection process and focusing on qualified leads, Ms Jina increased sales. The Ezymigrate CRM system helped her manage leads effectively and provided valuable insights into her clients’ needs and preferences, helping her tailor her services and offerings.


Streamlined data collection: Ezymigrate’s custom-made digital forms allowed Ms Jina to collect data efficiently and accurately. By integrating these forms with her website and social media pages, she now captures leads from different channels and consolidates them into one central system, making it easier to manage leads and follow up with potential clients.


Better processes and business growth: With the CRM’s automated features, Ms Jina could focus on providing quality services to her clients while the system took care of lead management and data tracking. This efficiency allowed her to scale her business and focus on growth.


Saving time and qualified leads: By using the system’s automated lead qualification process, Ms Jina could filter out leads that were not likely to convert into paying clients, freeing up time to focus on more promising leads.



The Ezy Solution


By incorporating custom-made digital forms into website and social media pages, businesses can streamline their data collection process and qualify leads to focus on the more promising clients.


With Ezymigrate’s best immigration software solution, your business can save time and resources, increase sales, and achieve growth objectives. See for yourself with a free demo!

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