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Filing, No More: How Automatic Email Imports Revolutionised Chris’ Business

Chris owns a busy immigration consulting firm in Dubai, helping clients immigrate to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. With around 60 employees, Chris’ business had grown significantly, but its expansion led to a significant challenge – poor filing.


Chris knew that he needed to find a solution to this problem to ensure that his business was efficient and compliant.


The Filing Problem


Poor filing practices were causing a lot of issues for Chris’ business. Maintaining client files for seven years, including all communication, documents, and case-related information, was a legal responsibility, and his team was beginning to struggle to keep up with the demands of their legal and audit obligations.


Their lack of organisation was leading to miscommunication and errors, affecting the client experience and the overall efficiency of the business.

Miscommunication and errors caused by poor filing were affecting our client experience, making managing a large team and ensuring compliance an arduous task. So, we sought out a digital system.

A CRM Solution Primed for Immigration Filing Responsibilities


After researching different systems, Chris ultimately decided to implement Ezymigrate’s CRM solution due to its unique function of Automatic Email Import. This innovative feature provided the capability to import both incoming and outgoing emails automatically into the CRM system, enabling Chris’ team to ensure that all communication relevant to a particular case was consolidated into a single location.


With the Automatic Email Import feature, the team no longer needed to manually file emails, which saved them valuable time and eliminated the possibility of any missing communication. This feature streamlined the process of managing customer interactions, allowing the team to devote more time to other critical tasks, such as building customer relationships, analysing data, and improving the overall customer experience.


Furthermore, the Automatic Email Import feature provided an additional benefit by enhancing the accuracy and completeness of customer data in the CRM system. By having all communication data consolidated in one place, his team could access all relevant information related to a customer case and make informed decisions.


Ezymigrate Filing Made Easier


The implementation of Ezymigrate’s CRM with an Automatic Email Import feature made a significant difference to Chris’ firm. The solution solved the problem of poor filing, leading to more efficient communication and better use of time. Automatically organised files allowed everyone in the team to access information quickly and easily, leading to better communication and fewer errors. Moreover, Ezymigrate’s CRM ensured that Chris’ team fulfilled their legal and audit responsibilities, giving him peace of mind that his business was compliant with regulations.



Give Ezymigrate a Try


If you are experiencing a similar problem with poor filing practices and struggling to meet your legal and audit responsibilities, consider implementing Ezymigrate’s CRM with Automatic Email Import functionality.


This e-immigration software can help you organise your files better, leading to more efficient communication, better use of time, and compliance with regulations.


Don’t let poor filing practices hold you back – take action today and see the benefits of Ezymigrate’s paperless CRM for yourself.

Ezymigrate’s filing assistance services were a lifesaver for me. Anna provided me with professional and efficient support throughout the CRM adoption process, making everything so much easier. I highly recommend Ezymigrate to anyone who needs help with their immigration paperwork.

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