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Cover Genius – How Generating Automatic Cover Letters Through AI Changed Our Business

As an immigration advisor, you know how crucial cover letters are to landing your client a suitable job. Obtaining work is an essential step in helping your immigrant climatise to their new country and settle in. The right job allows immigrants to build their new life post immigration – and the application process is the cornerstone to creating this.


After working with immigration agents for over seven years, we know that most consultants easily make hundreds of client cover letters over their career. That’s hundreds (or thousands) of hours just on cover letter creation. It’s rewarding work because it’s an important task – but it gets tedious, doesn’t it?


What if we told you you could automise the entire cover letter creation process?

Don’t worry – we don’t mean simply creating duplicates of your typical, run of the mill cover letter. This will create cover letters you can tailor make, customise, and edit specifically to your client needs. All with a few clicks of a button.


It’s easier than it sounds. Here’s what our Founder had to say about this feature:


So, What Exactly Is Cover Genius? Here’s The Rundown:

This is a super intelligent, AI-powered tool that creates cover letters automatically. It’s an incredible time saver for consultants who need to write multiple cover letters daily / weekly.


It’s completely customisable, so you can provide the set structure you prefer for the cover letter. You can also review and edit it according to your policy and immigration requirements.


I would be discounting myself if I said that it will save you 50% of your time – I believe it’s much more time efficient than that.

Anna Hyat, Ezymigrate Founder and CEO

How Does Cover Genius Work?

File notes are used to write the cover letter. All you need to do is add file notes to the client’s profile, and provide a set structure in which you’d like the cover letter to be structured.

Cover Genius reads the file notes and writes the cover letter (using Chat GDP). A customized cover letter will then be generated for that particular case.

You can then edit, review and save it on the spot. As easy as that!


Benefits of this super intelligent tool:

● You don’t have to write about your client – the system does it for you
● You can import the cover letter structure you prefer and a complete cover letter will be generated
● Very customisable – you can edit and customise it as much as you need
● Letters are written using Chat GDP – extremely intelligent tool that does wonders
● You can generate your PDF on the spot. Simply click ‘save’ and a PDF is generated.


“Once your editing is done, you can instantly generate your PDF through the system. It’s that easy.”

Anna Hyat, Ezymigrate Founder and CEO


How client confidentiality is protected:

We understand – client confidentiality is one of your top priorities, especially when working with AI tools. Our hide and replace feature means your client info is never stored by Chat GDP. You can hide your clients name by using something generic (client abc, for example), and changing it to the correct name later before submitting



Start Generating Cover Letters Now With Ezymigrate

What are you waiting for? Try our instant cover letter generation today – as simple as a few clicks! Save hours of time and start your Ezymigrate trial now.

Another excellent feature is that you can hide the client identifiable information before requesting the AI model for cover letter generation. So you don’t need to worry about the confidentiality of the client – it stays private.

Anna Hyat, Ezymigrate Founder and CEO

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