Technology Is Redefining the Immigration Advisory Industry. Keep Up by Using Cloud Coordination

Cloud Coordination has become an essential component of modern data management, as technology enables more solutions for business processes to be accomplished through intelligent online cloud computing. If you’re still operating with computer-based or manual systems within the office, you’re wasting time and resources completing operations that could be conducted autonomously by a smart online system.

Keep pace with competitors by gaining an understanding of cloud-based features.

Prolonged Immigration Consultancy Processes

The immigration advisory industry has received cloud solutions with hesitancy, due often to lacking knowledge and some legitimate concerns regarding security and control. During my personal experience immigrating to New Zealand, which was fraught with uncertainty and prolonged processes, I began questioning whether there was a way to streamline the data and forms side of the operation. I realised it would have benefitted me, as a client, if my advisors were better connected with unified data and resources so they could respond to my case appropriately without needing to be caught up.

Noticing a lagging gap in the industry and recognising how intelligent cloud-based systems would streamline the consultancy process, I set to work developing Ezymigrate, our tailored cloud CRM solution.

Cloud Coordination explores how cloud-based communication can save small businesses time and money while boosting productivity. They identify three core benefits: enhancements to collaboration and engagement, reduction of hardware costs, and flexibility to promote productivity.

Daniel Hall from BBN Times considers how cloud computing can benefit small businesses, portraying flexibility it offers as its key characteristic that gives businesses a competitive edge. With greater availability of data across the whole team, cloud computing keeps everyone involved. Hall explains the simplicity of data backup and restoration, cloud scalability, and cost-effectiveness, unifying files across the team, and allowing work from anywhere.

The Best Immigration Software

With secure authentication methods, unified data, and excellent communication features, Ezymigrate has the solution to modernise your business with the best immigration software.

Information Coordination

With linked cloud-based drives powering our Immigration Software solution, at Ezymigrate, we help you easily locate information and submit relevant documentation online. Users are able to select documents directly from Ezymigrate’s cloud-based drives, uploading them straight to online immigration services. Keep data unified amongst your team, coordinating your processes with our Case Management System. Excellent for busy offices where documents are interacted with by many employees or where the team is spread across different locations, Ezymigrate excels with an organised workflow system.

Tailored cloud-based software solutions utilise basic cloud principles, where we allow for standardised processes and greater organisation. Immigration software solutions and customised software tools meet the needs of their industry, such as Ezymigrate, specifically designed to facilitate the processes of immigration advisors. Ezymigrate helps immigration advisors work more efficiently and effectively by allowing them to access the information and resources they need from any location and on any device.

Cloud Communication

Cloud computing through Ezymigrate can help immigration advisors collaborate with other members of their team, as well as with clients and other stakeholders. With secure file sharing, our collaborative client portal and chat feature, we help immigration advisors to communicate and work together more seamlessly and provide better support and service to their clients. Make use of our Reminder System to automate information for clients regarding upcoming important dates, utilise our MailChimp integration and Bulk Emails, supporting your clients with efficiency and ease, and benefit from scalable solutions which keep pace with your business’ growth.

Complete Data Security

We understand the hesitancy of immigration consultants in adopting cloud-based software systems when it comes to document security. Your clients’ records are valuable; Ezymigrate is here to support your business with a secure client portal which is held at an enterprise-level Microsoft data centre, responsible for running backups every 10 minutes. Cloud computing offers backup support, helping you retrieve documents in unexpected data loss events. Enjoy data retention alongside support for document management and tracking by introducing the Ezymigrate Visa Management Software into your business’ processes.

Improving Your Bottom Line

Overall, cloud-based systems can provide a high level of security for documents by using encryption, secure authentication, and robust backup and recovery capabilities. Whether for a small bespoke business or large international firms, cloud technology powering Ezymigrate enables the existence of client portals, unified cloud storage, data backup and much more combined in our system. To claim the greatest rewards from cloud coordination, it is essential to partner with a tailored approach to cloud computing, designed specifically for immigration advisors.

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