Improve Productivity Up To 21 Percent with More Efficient PDF Handling

Do you know how much time you waste managing PDF documents in your business? Sure, you know how frustrating it is and you know it takes time, but how much time? I’ve seen the challenges immigration advisors face first hand. When I tell you how much time you could be wasting managing PDF documents, you’ll be shocked. Luckily, I also have a solution.

IDC, the IT market research company, conducted research on how document management affects business productivity. That research found that 21.3 percent of a business’s total productivity is lost to dealing with the challenges of managing and working with documents.

If managing documents places such a burden on businesses, why does Immigration New Zealand have such strict rules regarding the documents it accepts, i.e. all documents must be in PDF format and less than 10MB? On its blog, Adobe published a list of compelling reasons why PDFs are beneficial. This includes the fact they are universal, secure, free to read, searchable, and have a small file size. No other document format offers all these benefits.

It is likely, therefore, that PDFs are here to stay. Putting up with a 21 percent productivity loss in your business is not acceptable, however, so Ezymigrate has come up with a solution. We can’t eliminate the need to manage documents and create PDFs, but we have made the process much quicker. All it takes is a click of a button which, in most cases, takes seconds.

With our new document conversion features you can:

·     Convert – PNG images to JPEG and JPEG images to PDF

·     Merge and split – merge PDF documents or split a single PDF into multiple documents

·     Rename – rename PDFs

The new document conversion features are available now to all Ezymigrate users. Try them today!