If It Takes Longer than 2 Seconds to Create an Immigration Client Agreement, this Blog Will Change Your Life

You know all about the necessity of having a written agreement in place with your clients. Doing this takes up a huge amount of your time though – several minutes per client, in fact. Every day I help immigration advisers improve productivity in their business so I see first-hand how the cost of this simple administrative task quickly adds up.

Here’s another thing – I know the solution is super simple. By automating the process, you can reduce the time it takes to create essential written agreements for your clients from several minutes down to a couple of seconds. If you’re a fast clicker of your computer’s mouse, you can probably do it in one second.

Even though many immigration advisers in NZ are not fully utilising the benefits yet, automation is a big deal. The respected McKinsey Global Institute published a report on automation in January 2017. It found that automation could improve productivity by up to 1.4 percent. To put this into perspective, the introduction of the steam train in the 19th century increased productivity by just 0.3 percent. The dramatic growth in the use of IT in the 1990s increased productivity by 0.6 percent. Automation is likely to have a bigger impact on worldwide business than these two revolutionary developments combined.

Many of New Zealand’s workers back this up. Whether their employers are embracing automation or not, 44 percent of people in NZ think they do a lot of repetitive tasks that would benefit from automation.

Automating Written Agreement Creation in Your Business

How do you automate the creation of written agreements for your immigration clients? Ezymigrate has the solution. Not only that, you can automate the creation of all the standard letters you send to clients too.

Here’s how it works:

·     Setup templates – you create whatever agreement and letter templates you need with the flexible tools available in the system. This includes adding your own terms and conditions.

·     Add dynamic fields – Ezymigrate has dynamic fields for information like client name, client address, services and balance etc. Add these to your templates too.

·     Create written agreements – when looking at a client file in the system, click new agreement and the template will automatically populate the client’s information ready for you to send.

If you manually create written agreements for each new client by copying and pasting, it’s time to stop. Ezymigrate will bring automation to your business.