How NZ Immigration Advisors Increase Profits by Improving Client Communication

Did you know you can make your immigration business more profitable by communicating with your clients in a more effective and smarter way? Every day I see too many immigration advisors in NZ spend way too much time communicating with clients and keeping them informed. There is a better way.

 Communication is, of course, an essential part of your business. In fact, it’s an important part of any business. According to Steve Nguyen PhD on Workplace Psychology, keeping customers always informed is essential regardless of how good an immigration advisor you are.

How do you effectively communicate and also spend less time doing it, though? The answer is you need to use a client portal. Other industries benefit significantly from client portals. For example, Deanna C. White says on Accounting Web that client portals are no longer an accessory for accounting firms – they are a necessity.

The immigration industry in NZ is behind in its take up of client portals, but there is a quick and effective solution: Ezymigrate.

What You Can Do with a Client Portal (

The Ezymigrate client portal is jam-packed with features – too many to include here. Below are some of the highlights but, essentially, it’s a central repository of information that clients can access, add to, and communicate through. This is much more efficient than point-to-point communication methods such as email or phone calls.

 With a client portal you can: 

Upload – you can add important documents to the client portal while controlling who has access to what. Each client has their own account on the portal and they can also upload documents directly. Uploads go to the client’s file on Ezymigrate.

● Communicate – clients can email through their account on the client portal. They receive the email, you receive the email, and a copy goes into their Ezymigrate client file.

● Inform – clients can see their visa status, how much they owe, and more. That means no more unnecessary phone calls or emails.

Here’s the best bit – with the time you save using a client portal, you can find new clients and grow your business.