How Leading Immigration Firms Manage their International Sales Offices, Leads and Payment Structure Smartly ?

Did you know it is just as easy to manage immigration agents and sales partners who are based on the other side of the world as those based in your office? As a result, you can scale your business up or down with ease. I’m Anna Hyatt from Ezymigrate and I know this because I have first-hand experience helping immigration consultants like you solve this problem.

 How do we do it? Fully scalable software solutions are the answer.

According to Techopedia, scalable business software “has an advantage because it is more adaptable to the changing needs or demands of its users”.

Marcos Sylos writing on the IBM blog refines this thinking further by adding that Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are key to achieving full scalability. SaaS software exists in the cloud and is managed by the provider, i.e. there is nothing to install or manage on your internal servers or computers.

Ezymigrate falls into the SaaS category, plus it has a range of features that make it highly scalable. For both reasons, managing remote individuals or teams has never been easier. With Ezymigrate, you have better control over who accesses information, you have better business oversight, communication improves, and data is easier to share. This applies wherever your team members are located – at the desk beside you or in an office on the other side of the world.

Ezymigrate Agent Portal

Plus, you can do all the above while remaining in full compliance with the IAA.

Here are the scalability and remote team management possibilities with Ezymigrate:

1.    Remotely add, remove, and manage branches, teams, and individuals with complete confidentiality, i.e. each user only has access to the data you want them to access.

2.    Users can add or amend elements of a client’s file wherever they are in the world, providing you give them access. The system will also remind you when you need to pay your international agents commission.

3.    Pay commission in time through commission reminders and assign tasks to members of your international team.

 If you’re not managing your remote teams with Ezymigrate, get started today.