Gathering Information for an IAA Audit in Seconds? Yes, It Is Possible

Nobody likes responding to an IAA audit. It is a necessary process, but it is usually a time-consuming one – you don’t need me to tell you that. There is a better way, through – digitising file management in your business. When you do, your responses to IAA audits will be more accurate and you will save time, something which will translate to your bottom line.

Just look at this research from Xerox. It says that, on average, companies spend 10% of their revenue on document management. Take a moment to work out just how much money you might be spending.

Of course, an immigration business like yours is not an average company. You are heavily regulated, with the IAA having strict auditing, file management, and document retrieval expectations. Therefore, the percentage of revenue being spent on document management in your business could be higher than 10%.

What does a good file management system look like, though? In an article on CIO, Leo Welder says a good file management system must be secure, easy-to-use, and reliable.

A Solution Tailored for NZ Immigration Businesses

Ezymigrate is a CMS solution created for NZ immigration advisors that have powerful document management features. This includes centralised storage of documents on each case file, enabling you to retrieve everything you need for an audit at the click of a button.

Ezymigrate also delivers on the three priorities mentioned below:

● Secure – Ezymigrate resides on the Microsoft Azure platform so offers enterprise-level security

● Easy-to-use – the system is intuitive, with business processes that immigration advisors will be familiar with

● Reliable – as Ezymigrate is cloud-based, we look after maintenance and support, ensuring near-perfect uptime rates

Start saving time and money today by using Ezymigrate as your file management solution.

We are an independent team of software developers, and not associated with the IAA. However, we have developed our system with the help of NZ immigration advisers in order to understand their pain points most.

Ezymigrate has been built with the aim to solve the problems that Immigration Advisors were facing throughout their processes.